Saturday, January 28, 2012

Amber going to the Jazz game

Robert likes to go see the Utah Jazz play.  I am not a huge fan of watching sports much so it isn't something we do together much.  I don't really mind going, but I would prefer to stay home and do something like, well maybe catch up on my blog. 

Anyway.... the Jazz had a special for buy one ticket and you get a free ticket to another select game they already selected.  Robert decided it would be fun to go to a game with one of the girls, then take another girl to the other one.  Then he decided that maybe taking 2 girls at a time would be better, then everyone could go but little Sam. 

Tonight was the game.  It was Emily and Amber's turn to go with Robert.  Amber has never been to a Jazz game, or any basketball game for that matter.  When Robert asked her if she wanted to go to a Jazz game she said, "Jazz, that's basketball right?  Well I'll think about it."  Then today she decided she was going to go.  It is a good thing, because we were going to push her into it anyway. 

I was fixing her hair, which she wanted curly again, and this was her conversation.

Me: Are you excited for the game?
Amber: Yeah, will it be loud?
Me: It could be loud at times.  I think you are getting some pizza too.
Amber: Will I be watching Dad play basketball or will I get to play with him?
Me: Dad is not playing basketball, you are both watching the Jazz play.
Amber: Oh, so like we are watching TV then?
Me: No, it won't be on TV, you will watch it from your seat.  You may be on TV. 
Amber: Oh. 

She was cracking me up.  They still aren't home, but I am sure they will be soon, and I am sure she had a good time.  Spending time with Dad is always fun for them. 
This is how her air turned out... she was in love with it.  I must say, it looked pretty cute.  Emily said she looked like Shirley Temple.  I say double bonus, because it should stay in good for church tomorrow too!  Yay!

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Jamie said...

cute. I remember when Mark used to have season tickets to the BYU football games. I realized Jacob didn't really understand what was going on when I saw a picture he'd drawn in first grade about Mark being ON the field and I asked what the picture was all about and he said "DAd's playing in his BYU game" cute. Dad is always the hero of their stories, not the spectator.