Thursday, February 2, 2012

Emily's Human Metaphor

One morning I came to the computer and saw this homework assignment of Emily's.  It turns out that she had an assignment to write a metaphor paper on what they are like I guess.  Emily chose yarn.  I read it and thought, yeah that really sounds like her...  alot like her!  (And of course this morning, I snipped and snipped at her yarn, even though I knew already how it would make her feel.  I was so angry at her and I just blew it!  Bad Mama!)
Emily's A.L.L. teacher was really impressed with it, she even asked if she could copy it and keep it for next years class, and also checked to see if she could share it with the class. 

Emily is a super writer, she was also chosen to be one of the special speakers based on her paper she wrote on a N.O.V.A. constitution with the theme, "Roadmap to Excellence."  She did a great job on it, I will have to try to find a copy and add it too.  Our computer got a nasty virus and much of items were lost.  I know she has the hard copy of it though. 

Here is her Metaphore paper, although somehow the format changed from its original form.

I am a ball of yarn. As a ball of yarn, I unravel. I can easily separate. I can be made into something that is different from me.

As a bunch of yarn, I unravel.  When someone yells or makes me feel bad, they tug on my string. Once the end is out, if anything else happens, it just keeps tugging.  It might be hard to make me feel bad at first, but then I can’t stop unraveling.

With just a snip of the scissors, I can have totally different opinions. If, and when, someone says something that might seem small and unimportant, I might be cut in two. I can always be tied back together, but it always leaves a scar.  Sometimes, a knot might come undone. Then the problem resurfaces. I am always tying and retying knots.

With something like a crochet hook or knitting needle, I can be turned into something new and different. I can usually do what I’m told, as long as I know how and have what I need. I can also be different colors or sizes to help me with what I need.  I can be a writer if I need to write. I can be an artist if I need to draw.  I can be a mathematician if I need to do math.

I am a ball of yarn.

Em's teacher told the class about an essay contest on Water Conservation, she is really wanting to enter that contest.  It pays $100 to the winner.  Emily's cousin Serena is a good writer, and come to find out her Grandma Thomas was quite a writer too, she won an eighth grade compitetion when she was in school.


Jamie said...

it really is beautiful writing and so self aware. I'm glad you shared it.

wendy said...

I started a comment much earlier today, but got interrupted, so here I go again! I LOVE that metaphor. I am so impressed with Emily's insight and depth--WOW! And, like Jamie, I'm glad you shared it here.