Friday, February 24, 2012

Road trip from July

As we made our way up to my parents house, we stopped at a few little places along the way.  One place that was so needed was of couse a place to sleep.  It is hard having 5 kids and 2 adults all squished into one room. Some places have bigger rooms that are more of a suite with a sofa/sleeper or sometimes ever a little bedroom with an extra bed  Those are the places that work best, but they are also more expensive too.  Due to our destination and the coastal route we took, we didn't find any places like that.  There as lots of bed sharing and of course with that fighting of who got to sleep where, and with whom they got to share that space with.  All in all, it went okay and everyone was pretty tired.  Here is Amber and Emily zonked out one morning. 
 One morning as we left our motel, we went to a little beach.  When we first got there is was totally overcast, you couldn't even see the ocean.  As we were there, it cleared up a bit and turned out beautiful!  Wish we had time to hang out a bit longer.  We had so many more miles to travel until we got to our next destination.
This is what it looked like when we left the beach area.  What a difference huh.
The little girls enjoyed playing in the sand and didn't need much more than that.  I think they could have stayed there all day with the sand and water. 
The older girls were more into exploring things. The tide was out and they found seveal rocks that had some fun creatures on them.  The starfish were everywhere!  I had never witnessed starfish in real life that wasn't at an aquarium type place.  So fun!
The girls (and their mom) had to be pulled away when it was time to go.  It was too amazing to just look at them and the difference in textures, colors, and size of all the starfish and other marine things on the rocks.
 Off and down the road we went.  We found a dinosaur museum that my family had told me about.  We stopped and checked it out.  There was tons of fun things to do as we traveled along Hwy 101. 
 The musuem was fun but when it was over, I thought, that was it?  We just spent that much money and it is over?  OUCH!  It sure makes a difference when you have 5 kids and they are $8-10 a child and then you have 2 at the adult price.  It was still fun, and the girls really enjoyed it.
 By all the little dinos they had more information about them and also what their size ratio was compared to the real life size.   Emily was loving the mossy trees and all the plants.  She just had to get a picture of this one below.
 See how cool they were.  They did make great pictures and the kids definetly enjoyed it.
 Then down the road we went.  We also had to stop at the sea lion caves.  It is hard to see, but those are all sea lions and their babies down there by the water. 
 We then traveled down to the cave.  It was kind of fun, Robert and I visited here on our honeymoon back in 1999.  Not much has changed that I can remember.  Although when I first came, I was kind of focused on Robert and not the things in or around the cave.  I do remember how loud it was and kind of smelly too.  The sea lions were mostly outside  There wasn't too many in the cave.
 It was SOOO windy!  Check out the girls' hair.  Isn't that funny!  The girls thought it was pretty neat.  They also got to pick out a little souvinoir from the gift shop.  Samantha picked a little ceramic piggy bank, which has since broken.
Then off we went to other adventures that I hope to tell you more about soon.  Maybe by next July I will have had time to tell you all about last July!  Stay tuned, there is still more to come.... much more!!

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