Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May Days

May has been one crazy month, I am glad it is almost over!  It seems like it is always kind of crazy, school is wrapping up, I have 3 birthdays to celebrate...  it just seems to be a bit crazy.

This is how the first week of May went for me. 

7:55 Kids missed the bus so I drove them to school
9:00ish, I drove Em and neighbor to school (my week to carpool)
1:45ish, girls come home from bus stop
2:40, I take Lindsey, Lauren, and a friend to choir practice, which is the same time Em needed to be picked up.
2:55ish, I go pick up Emily and neighbor from school, arriving 15-20 minutes late due to choir drop off.
3:45, I go pick up kids from choir practice
4:00, go to the store to get Emily her needed things for school, sunglasses, black pants, flashlight
6:00 try to find something quick for dinner and then do a fast FHE so kids can get to bed

7:19, I shove the girls out the door to go catch the bus
9:00ish, I drive carpool to Em's school
10:45, go check out Lindsey from school
11:15, arrive at Orthodontists for Lindsey's appointment
12:00ish, check Lindsey back into school
2:35ish, girls walk home from bus stop
3:40 pick up carpool at Em's school
4:45, leave to take Amber to her soccer game
5:45, arrive back home to make dinner quickly
7:00, I go to my Pres. meeting

7:19, kick kids out the door to catch bus
9:00ish, drive carpool to Em's school
2:35ish, girls walk home from bus stop
3:00 tell Lindsey and Lauren to get ready for their soccer game
3:35 I take twins and friend to choir practice, in their soccer stuff
3:55 pick up carpool at Em's school late because of choir practice drop off
4:30 Pick up twins and friend from choir early, drop off friend and head to Rob's work.
5:00 Arrive at Rob's work, switch cars with him...  I take Em with me, he keeps the rest of the kids.
Emily and I get some dinner,
6:15, arrive at the Marriot Center for Hope of America performance (which is why we needed sunglasses, flashlight, and black pants)
Rob takes Lindsey and Lauren to their soccer game that starts at 6pm.
10pm, Emily and I are leaving Marriot Center to come home.
Note:  Emiliy also was suppose to have Activity Days but missed it due to Hope of America

8:05, I take girls to school because they missed the bus, and I have to check them in to school
9ish, I drive carpool to Em's school
2:35ish, girls walk home from bus stop
3:40 pick up carpool at Em's school
5:20ish, Take Em to her soccer game that starts at 6:00
7:30, figure out something for dinner and send kids to bed late

8:10, take twins and their friend to school late and check them in because they missed the bus
9ish, drive carpool to Em's school
2:35ish, girls walk home from bus stop
3:40 pick up carpool at Em's school
Sigh a big relief that the week is over!

8:30 take Emily to soccer game that starts at 9.  Hope Grandma and Grandpa arrive to pick her up.
9:25 arrive at Amber's game that starts at 9:30. 
Luckily Grandma and Grandpa picked up Emily from her game and brought her to Amber's.
10:30 take kids over to Emergency Preparedness fair (where Rob has been since 7am)
1-ish, leave the fair to go get lunch before Lindsey and Lauren's soccer game
2:00 arrive at twin's soccer game that starts at 2. 
3:30 get back home....  phew!  What a week!

Of course the weeks events doesn't include any grocery shopping or getting gas or stopping to pick up dinner fixings after soccer games to try to have a quick and easy dinner. 

That is just about how my whole month has gone.  We have had soccer games each week, normally on Saturdays, but then we have 3 practices during the week.  We've had doctor appointments, and one for me  and one for the dog too.  I had a dentist appointment and I canceled it, I just couldn't do it! 

What a month!  I am glad May is just about over!  I hope for slower days in the month of June. 

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jenn said...

Okay, I feel you on this. May was madness! I'm glad it's over. :)