Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Easter Week

I was thinking about Easter and how I was dissappointed how I felt when Christmas was over.  It is a major religious holiday and yet I felt like as a family we failed to celebrate it with Christ in the center of things. 

One of my dear friends has a book about having a Christ centered Easter.  She had a post on her blog last year I think about what she does and how she brings and keeps Christ into it all.  I loved it!  I thought for sure we would follow it this year and adjust or add to it as I felt fit our family. 

I also planned on doing those easter cookies, the ones you make and put in your oven until the morning.  I have always thought it would be fun, but when I first heard of it I had just a little baby.  Then each year it seemed like I forgot about it till it was too late. 

I wanted to dedicate our family home evening the week before Easter to talking about Easter and all that, but then I was reminded of Jamie's Easter activities she does.  I thought perfect!

The week before Easter went like this:

Sunday:  I had a huge headache, but managed to talk a bit about Easter and we did the first little lesson.  I explained the the kids that we were going to talk about Easter every night this week.

Monday:  I woke up with a small irriated throat, thought it was maybe just allergies even though they normally effect my eyes and nose more than my throat.  As the day went on, it got worse, I felt aweful called my husband to have him bring dinner home (which I seldom do for being sick).  At about 5 I took lots of mortin and started to feel a bit better, my head ache almost went away.  We did the second day events for the Easter week activities for family home evening.

Tuesday:  I didn't sleep good, I wanted to die, in hopes to end my pain.  I called Robert to come home from work so I could get some help and go to the Dr.  I tested positive for strep.  I came home and went to bed.  We didn't do any Easter related things.

Wednesday:  Didn't sleep good, motrin didn't really dull much pain but knew I was to get better since I was taking my RX.  I slept most the day, the girls watched TV most all day long.  A wonderful neighbor brought us dinner.  All day I was either freezing cold or burning up.  No Easter activity.

Thursday: I slept when the girls watched a movie, and after my older girls got home from school.  I was feeling a bit better.  Was excited to get back on track with the Easter activities. I combined 2 or 3 of the days to get caught up were we should be. 

Friday:  Feeling better, my throat almost wasn't hurting.  I was contemplating running my race for the next day.  I decided against it.  Went shopping to finalize all our Easter stuff.  Luckily I had bought most the stuff weeks ago.  We forgot to do the Easter activity, but I was able to eat so sort of real food.

Saturday:  I was woken up around 4ish by Amber.  I started thinking about running the race again.  I decided I would do it.  I got up a few hours later to get ready for the race.  I was pretty sore from the race.  Robert and I went shopping, and my appetite had returned.  I was HUNGRY and wanted REAL food!  That night I stuffed plastic eggs, and we forgot to do Easter stuff again, well REAL Easter stuff. 

Sunday:  The girls had strings tied to their beds that lead to their Easter baskets.  We went to church, went to Grandma's for Easter egg hunt there and dinner.  I felt like again, this important holiday went by and we didn't focus on it enough. 

I guess there is always next year.  I keep thinking if I wasn't sick or if I had planned better.  I tried, and it was better than last year.  I feel like we didn't ever focus on those major important things about Jesus' life.  I guess it is just those small steps that make you closer.  Hopefully next year I will be a bit closer to where I wanted to be this year.

We didn't even color eggs this year....  I guess there is always next year.

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