Thursday, April 28, 2011

Race again

Sometime last year I entered a race.  Actrually two but I only ran in one.  This year I have signed up for 2 more.  Each of them are 5K and I am thinking about entering the 1/2 marathon, is that crazy?  I think it is.  Time will tell. 

My race was on the 23rd of April which seemed fine untiil I realized the girls all had their first soccer game that day too.  Game one at 9am, game two at 9:30, and game three at 2.  My race started at 9am in Alpine, but I had to be there early to get my runners packet and check in.  That would mean I would miss the first 2 games and Robert would be hopping from one to another. 

I was getting a little worried about my training since I hadn't really for awhile.  My parents were here, I didn't run at all that week.  We had spring break and sick kids, I didn't really run that week.  I figured I would just get in some good long runs and some fast interval workout before my run on Saturday. 

Then on Sunday of race week I had a terrible headache.  (It never went away until Friday.)  Monday morning I had a scratchy throat, and by the middle of the day, I had called Robert to tell him to pick up something for dinner since I didn't really feel good.  My throat on one side felt like it was on fire.  My head still hurt and I just wanted to go to bed.  Tuesday morning I slept in while Robert got the early kids off to school.  I had to get up around 8 to make sure Em was getting ready for school and then I would have to take her to school.  Once I got out of bed, I was in such pain, my body hurt all over, my throat was in a firery furnace, my ears felt as if they would explode, my head was pounding.  Several times contempleted ways to end the pain, but I knew that wasn't the answer. 

Robert had asked me that morning if I needed him to stay home.  I don't think I have ever had him stay home, even after we have a baby, he takes a day or two off, and then goes back to work.  I guess he figures that is time enough right.  (smiles)  I felt so horrible, and I hated to call and ask, but I did, I called and asked if he could come home.  I called and got a doctors appointment.  Confirmed strep, I pretty much slept most the day after 3pm, except when I was in that 1 hr window of not being able to take more pain meds yet not getting relief. 

Wednesday I told Robert he could go back to work, I knew I was on the mend.  I hadn't eaten much at all, I did manage to eat a popscicle, but the sugar in it left undesirable phlem in my thoat.  I figured I was dehydrated too, possible cause of headache, and it hurt SO SO bad to drink anything. 

By Friday I could drink continuously without having to stop after ever swallow.  It didn't hurt much to even swallow my own saliva compared to before.  I even ate part of dinner.  Things were looking up. 

I had been dizzy and light headed the whole week.  Grandma said it was due to the antibiotics.  She may be right, I still get a little dizzy now, but not as bad, and I am still on the meds.  I was contemplating the whole week how I was going to run this race on Saturday.  How can I run if I am dizzy?  How can I run if I haven't eaten at all?  How am I going to run when my throat hurts so bad?

I talked to Robert about it on Friday night.  I had decided it was a bummer but I wasn't going to be able to do it.  I hadn't trained the last 3 weeks, I was sick, we had crazy soccer schedules... it just wasn't going to work out.  End of discussion, I wasted my money, I didn't get to race. 

Amber woke up early Saturday morning.  I started to think about the race again.  I could walk if my throat was hurting.  If I was dizzy, I could always just walk too.  I already paid for it, even if I walk it, I should just go.  I set my alarm and went back to bed, or tried to.  I was then too excited to sleep and was thinking about the race. 

My alarm went off, I woke up Robert to check to see if he was okay if I really did go to my race.  He said he would arrange all the soccer stuff and I could go.  I got up, had a yogurt for breakfast, took some motrin and grabbed a bottle of water and headed to the race. 

The race was in Alpine.  It was FREEZING!  I met some new friends there, which was good, since I was afraid I would be all alone running by myself.  I did run pretty much by myself but I had some friends to talk to before the race started while we froze! 

My time was not impressive.  I was very dissapointed in it.  (5K in 35 minutes, average of 11min miles.)  But since I was sick, and since I hadn't ran the last 3 weeks I try to not be so upset about it.  The race itself was alot of fun.  I had a good time.  I am thinking about signing up for their half marathon which will be in Oct I think in Park City.  Time will tell.  I need to get running more. 

Saturday I had one hip that was really sore.  By Sunday, I was moving so slow and didn't want to bend over and pick up anything.  At church I asked Robert to hand me my bag.  My hips hurt, my ankles, my shins...  I felt like I walked like an old arthritic person. 

The race I did was the Pink Series, for breast cancer.  It is an all women race, and they had I think 6 firemen in their firesuits on the bottom and a white shirt and pink tie on, with their hats.  I tried to put my picture on here of it but it says the server refused it.  Go figure!

My next race is the Dirty Dash, on June 3rd, and I have a race entry already paid that no one is using.  Anyone interested?  It's a 5K at Soldier Hollow with obsticles to run through as well.  Sounds like fun.  Check out their website. 


Amy Sorensen said...

Great job! I'm so glad you did it. I've thought about running that Park City half. I think a half is the perfect distance because it's long enough to feel like you've run for a really long time, but it's not so much training as a full. I hope you blog about your dirty dash, I'm not brave enough to do it!

wendy said...

I'm so impressed, Karla! (And so sorry you had strep!) I've always been too afraid to follow through the the 5k's I've thought of or even signed up for.