Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Room Re-Do

I remember when I had just Emily and I learned of a friend who had twins and they were like 3 and still in cribs I thought that was just too much!  Seriously, a 3 yr old still in a crib?  Emily started crawling out of her crib aound 15-18 months.  By the time she was 2 she was in the bottom part of a bunk bed as we prepared for twins in a couple more months. 

Later, I felt so bad for thinking that.  It is so true that you don't really know until you are there, right?

My twins young life was a blur so I can't even remember when we pulled them out of cribs.  There is a little over 4 years from the twins and then our next baby.  With Emily we needed the crib for the twins, and she was climbing and falling out anyways. 

I had two cribs so I didn't feel like we had to take Amber out before Samantha came.  Amber was just about 19 months when we had our next baby.  I couldn't stand the thought of having a nap time for the 19 month old and have her be able to get out of her bed.  I kept the crib and set up another one for the baby.
Next thing I know, I am that mom with the baby (who isn't really a baby) in the crib.  I think Amber was surely older than 3 when we finally took one side of the crib off so she can get in and out by herself.  I was tired of her saying, "Mom, can you get me out of my crib?" 

 We had a daybed that we got from our neighbor when her girl out grew it or upsized.  It is white, had a few scratches in it.  I decided to paint it and have it be a Christmas present for Amber so she could be in a big girl bed.  Maybe she would stop making her way to my room at night. 

I never finished it in time for Christmas, then I kind of forgot about it.  I finally finished it maybe in Feburary and I took down a crib. 
 Some of the balls where missing too so I just got some from the craft store and painted them adn got some hardware to put them back together.  Pretty cheap re-do if you ask me.  I wasn't super thrilled with the out come, there are lots of places I didn't get a good paint cover.  But, for now, it will be just fine. 

And I have one crib left.  I am in no rush... she is turning 3 soon and is potty trained.  That is my only dilema, having to get her out of bed to take her potty.  Yeah, now I am that mom I couldn't believe would have her 3 year old in a crib!  Samantha did ask for her side off one night, but  the next night she wanted it back on.  Funny girl!

Amber tried out her new bed after I set it all up.  When I went to see what she was doing, she was asleep already.  Guess she likes it, or she did.  She still would prefer to sleep in my room. 

(My girls loved the transformation of the bed too.  In fact, my twins were jealous that they didn't get the bed.)

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Jamie said...

well done crafty mom. It looks good in the pictures! Carly has a daybed that is a handmedown also. a couple of the balls are missing too. I have not known how to replace them. Where did you get replacement balls? and what hardware did you need?