Monday, May 23, 2011


Do you ever have those weeks that seem to go by and you feel like you haven't done anything fun, it has been just busy, busy, busy?  That is how Robert and I were feeling.  We decided for FHE or family night we would go to the dinosaur museum.  We have lived near by for 11 years almost and have never once gone there.  We decided to go.

The kids really liked it, I thought it was pretty fun too!  We watched a 3D movie.  Samantha and Amber were sitting on my lap and they jumped a few times. 
Most of my pictures didn't turn out, but here are few that did.  The bigger girls were interested in picture taking.  They were too busy with other things.

 Samantha was all about taking pictures.  She kept asking for more pictures.  Usually that is Amber's role but she was with Robert and he was trying to move their everything quickly so we would be done since it was getting late for a school night.
 Samantha's little expression and body language here cracks me up.  She was a little unsure of getting too close to this giant shark.  He did look pretty intimidating.
That was the end of the night.  We ate at the little resturaunt which wasn't a favorite at all and then went home.  Oh, but before we went home, we decided to get a annual family pass. 

And since we kind of hurried through things we didn't get to let the kids dig in the sand for dinosaur bones at the end.  I brought the two little girls back a few days later to dig. 
It was nice, we had like 40 minutes, so we just went straight to the sand where they played for about 30 minutes until it was time to go home.

And of course since these are my best girls to take pictures of (since they actrually sit and wait for me to take pictures) we took some more pictures too.  I love this picture!
Aren't these girls so cute?  I sure love, love, love them!  I also think we are going to enjoy having this annual pass to the dinosaur musuem and all other things for Thanksgiving Point. 

Note: Visitors that come with me, get 50% off admission I think, so if someone wants to join me there, let me know!


Jamie said...

we did the annual pass to Thanksgiving point for 2 years and loved it. We don't have it this year instead going for a rec center pass but we'd love to get it again. WE LOVE the gardens. The kids LOVE the gardens. Try some of their monday nights on the farm and/or monday family activities at the gardens this summer. We tried several and had lots of fun. Baby animal day at the farm is fun too.

jenn said...

We don't take advantage of Thanksgiving Pt. nearly enough, either. You'll have to let me know how you like your pass. I bet you'll love it! How fun! That picture of your girls in front of the buliding with the dinosaur is SO CUTE. :)