Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Confession of a mistake

Have you ever done something with out really thinking?  You make a choice, you think it will all work out and then later you realize you weren't thinking right.  Those decisions that you think are no big deal, it won't really matter anyway, and later you find out they do matter... LOTS! 

Recently I had a choice to make.  I should have known better.  It is true what people say about those thoughts in your heart, they really decide for you.  You think you will be smart, you think you can take a step back and look at it and make the right choice.  In my heart even though I knew it wasn't good, I wanted something so bad.  Yet it wasn't really a good choice, and I logically knew it wasn't good for me, or even my family. 

Many of the choices we make don't just effect us but our families, our friends, and other people around us. I wasn't thinking of others, I was only thinking of myself and my desires.  Sure others would be okay with my choice and some even be grateful for my choice.  I wasn't thinking of how it would effect everyone.  I was again, only thinking in the moment, I wasn't thinking of long term or what this choice really meant.  I was only after that instant gratification,

I knew it was a bad choice.  I knew I would have great consequences for it.  I have heard before that you can choose whatever you want but you can't choose the consequence for it.  I forgot about that until my recent bad choice, until I was dealing with those consequences for my weak moment, for that time when I didn't think things through.  I have seen other do it, they looked so fun and so inviting... seemed so carefree and wonderful.  I never saw any regrets from their choices.

I am now dealing with the consequences of my bad choice, my moment of weakness.  I hope I will be smarter next time, and be able to learn from my mistakes.  We got a puppy!  He is a biting, scratching, chewing machine.  Nothing is safe.  What have I done?  I am now left with regrets.


Becki said...

LoL...here I was so worried and sad for you...wondering what on earth you had done...and you were being so open about it!! Then it's that...you are too funny!! Good luck with that...and hope it doesn't terrorize your house too bad!!

wendy said...

soooo FUNNY!!!!! I hope you love it!!

Jamie said...

I'm so sorry. This will indeed be a trial and I will learn from your mistake and strengthen my resolve to NEVER weaken.... NEVER falter.... NEVER get a puppy!

Amy Sorensen said...

teee heee. Although I do have a couple of words for you about your decision:


As Jamie said, I will also let your bad, horrible, awful choice make me a stronger, more puppy-resistent person!

jenn said...

Okay, you had me worried! I was about to run up the street and give you a big hug!

Although...a puppy? Maybe you DO need a hug. :)