Friday, May 20, 2011

Soccer Season

Soccer season for us has started and is almost over.  The last game is on the 4th of June.  It has been great for the girls to go get out and enjoy the weather (when it hasn't been raining or freezing cold with the wind blowing).  At Emily's practice we play on the park playground, weather permitting of course. 

Samantha is the only one not playing soccer this season.  Amber got a water bottle, and Samantha wanted one too.  I told her she couldn't get one.  Later that night, after the rest of the girls went to bed and after hearing Samantha cry and keep telling me she needed it, I weakend and took her to get her a water bottle too.  She brings it to drink when we go to the various soccer games to watch the girls play. 

Amber started out crying and was not wanting to play at her first game.  Now she has gotten a little more use to the way little preschoolers play, everyone chase the ball and fall over each other.  She has been pretty aggresive some games, even trying to steal the ball from her own team mates.  It is such a fun game to watch those little ones play. 
Samantha is the best cheerleader, or maybe she is just my best shadow.  She wants to go anywhere I go.  She will go to all the soccer games I go to even if some of the girls don't go.  She has fallen asleep in my lap at one game.  Amber is content on not going.  She even decided to stay home when we met my parents for dinner on the night they arrived.  Funny girl.  Samantha, she goes everywhere I go, or she is sad and cries.
Emily's games and Amber's games are at the same time so I haven't been able to get any pictures yet of Emily's games.  Emily did score a goal 2 games ago and last game she assisted with one.  She typically plays mid-field.  She is exhausted at the end of the game.  Their team doesn't have any subs at all, so they all play the whole game.  Emily's team has lost one game, tied one game and won the other games.

Lauren and Lindsey are on the same team.  I love their coach, she is fabulous!  (I don't know Emily's really enough to have an opinion).  Lindsey and Lauren's team have won every game so far.  They are fun to watch.  Lauren played goalie one time and she did fabulous!  She was diving for the ball and didn't let one of the many shots that came toward her by.  I am pleased to see Lindsey and Lauren becoming more and more aggresive when they play.  They still need to step it up a bit, but they are improving. 

I hope to get more soccer pictures before the season is over.  It is tough on Saturdays, we have 2 morning games, that start within a half an our of each other, and then I also in that same time frame am suppose to pick up my Bountiful Baskets.  Saturdays are so busy.  I will be partly glad when soccer is over, so I can have more time on Saturdays.

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