Monday, June 13, 2011

Hope of America

The fifth graders are able to participate in a performance that (as I understand) is sent to those serving in the millitary.  That is kind of all I know about it. 

Emily's class worked on the songs for days.  Some days they mostly just sang all day.  They had a demo type DVD that had the songs and actions that they were suppose to do for each song.  Each of the kids got an audio CD as well so they could practice at home. 

It was a pretty neat performance.  I guess they have 2 different nights that they do it.  Each night they have kids from different schools do it. 

The kids are given a specific colored shirt, and those colors then make up the flag.  Emily was afraid it wouldn't really look like a flag.  I guess they have been doing this long enough to know it will work out and look like a flag. 

Emily is the middle section, the second white stripe from the top, and on the right side.  This picture came from KBYU facebook page I think, or Hope of America Facebook page.

Once I got there, it was already pretty packed.  I was all by myself, but still finding just one seat was hard, it seemed like EVERYONE was saving seats.  I finally found a seat, and then I was trying to find where Emily was.  I had my camcorder, so I started using the zoom on it to find her.  She told me a little where they were, and I knew she was white.  Once I found her, I got a kick out of what I saw so I had to record it a bit. 

Then the two songs that Emily liked best are these two. 

On the last video I was looking around for some kids from the other school.  Guess I should have done that later.  Emily was asking me what I was doing, then she said, "well that is just great mom!"  As if that has ruined her whole life now. 

The Hope of America will be broadcast on KBYU July 3rd at 12:00 pm  and July 4th at 6:00 PM.  BYUTV will show the program July 22 at 11:00 AM and July 23 at 11:00 PM

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Becki said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Hope of America!! I go (didn't this year) and I don't even have kids in it!! I just love the chills it gives...and the songs!! I like Emily's favorites...and I'm sure she's THRILLED that you got all that of her "talking" with that boy!! Cute!!!