Thursday, June 30, 2011

Choir and pink eye

Lindsey and Lauren did choir for the whole year as 3rd graders.  They had practice every Monday and Wednesday for about an hour.  They had a winter concert where they did mostly Christmas or holiday songs and then a spring concert that they did patriotic songs if I remember right. 

By about April, Lindsey was so done with choir.  I hated to see her quit, but it was such a HUGE commitment to go every week for two days.  I think if Lauren wasn't going too then I would have just let her quit.  I had to fight her each week and persuade her to go.  Lauren on the other hand, she loved going and you could see her smile and have a great time singing at the concerts. 

Unfortunately my pictures aren't great, I was too far back.  Lauren the day of the spring choir (I found out later) had complained to her teacher right before they were coming home of her eye hurting.  Then she came home, said nothing to me of it, and then went to a friends house.  She told me later that she had to keep wiping her eye at her friends house becuase it was all wet and goopy. 

She went to the performance with a friend, and I saw her on the stage.  I guess the choir teacher asked if she had allergies, Lauren told her not that she knew of.  After the performance, Robert saw Lauren and immediately sent her to the bathroom where I was at with the little ones.  I took one look at her, and knew she had pink eye.  She told me she didn't want to say anything because she was afraid I wouldn't have let her still be in the concert.  Which she was right! 

These were at about day 4 and 5 after drops.  Lauren's eyes got so red and blood shot.  They looked really gross!

Everyone one else got pink eye too.  Except for Robert and I.  Lauren and Emily's eyes got super swollen, and so we took Lauren into after hours clinic and she missed a soccer game because of it.  I felt like we were giving drops all day long.  We had 3 different RX's from different times I had called our doctor, or called after hours and then when Lauren went in.  It was hard to keep them all straight.  At one point I thought I had gotten it, but it turned out to be just my normal allergies and went away without drops. 
And poor Samantha, she got it and it started going away and then it came back so we ended up at the doctor for well care check ups and he gave her some different drops.  It did finally clear up, right about the time Amber got her pink eye.  Then she gave it to her cousin who we were watching. 

Did I also mention we had pink eye just back in Feburary? 

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