Wednesday, June 29, 2011


This year we had almost all of the girls in soccer.  Emily, Lindsey, Lauren, and Amber were in soccer.  It made it kind of hectic with 3 soccer practices on top of everything else going on.  Then at least 3 games a week too.  Usually Emily's and Amber's games overlapped in some way.  Here are some pics from one of the games.  I kept forgetting to bring my camera. 

Emily~ she played mid most all games, she ran ALOT!

Emily's team was called the Ladybugs, they won all games but one.  They were a fun group of girls.  They decided to paint their faces too. 
Lindsey & Lauren ~
They both played fwd, mid, defense, and Lauren did awesome as goalie too!
Lauren is in yellow shorts, Lindsey is in greenish/blue shorts

The twins were on the Cougar team, and I think they won all their games and tied one maybe.  I really liked their coach, she was GREAT!

Amber~She is wearing pink tall socks

Amber's team was the Mickey's and I am not sure they ever won.  They looked like they had fun though.  Amber loved playing soccer for the first time.  She was so so so sad when the season ended.  She will be ready in the fall when it starts again. 
Amber's team was really fun, most the kids on her team were right here from our neighborhood and her coach was too.  The other girls' teams weren't that way.  All the girls had a great time playing.  Poor Sam was a little left out of it, but she will play next spring.  Rob is pretty proud of his soccer playing girls!  Emily at one of her games scored a GOAL, and Robert was so bummed when he heard, he was at Amber's game.  His parents were at Emily's game, so they go to see it.  Robert was really mad he wasn't there.

So until fall, I guess we will be putting our soccer gear away. 

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