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We got free tickets to go to Disneyland through the "Give a day, Get a day" program.  Check out my post here  about it.  Since we were already in California, we decided this would be a good time to use our tickets.  Amber and Samantha didn't have tickets, Samantha was free and Amber was a $67 to get in I think.  We saved a fortune!  Especially since we tried to bring our own food to eat, and drinks too.  I had a whole backpack full of snacks and sandwhiches and drinks.  We had a blast!  Last time we were at Disneyland, Lindsey and Lauren were 2 and Emily was 4.  Unfortunately we are still odd, so it makes it hard on some rides, because someone has to ride alone. 

This was Splash Mtn.  The girls went on it with their dad, then they took me on it.
This is Indian Jones.  Lindsey was too afraid to go on it the first time, but then the other girls LOVED it so they begged to go on it again, this time Lindsey went on it too.  The first time they went with their dad on it.  The rest of us went to Tikki's something with singing and talking birds.

This was Pirates of the Caribean ride.  The girls liked it except Amber.  She wasn't liking the drop offs.  The first one Robert told her it was the last one it was all over.  I then pushed him and pointed forward where there was another one.  Ooops!  It wasn't her favorite ride, but the other girls seemed fine with it.

Lauren and Emily on the Pirates ride... they liked it too.
The girls rode this ride at least 2 times.  They liked Thunder Mtn. 

This was the Submarine ride, now it is Nemo themed.  The little girls went on it and thought it was fun.

I had the little girls for awhile, and they LOVED this ride too.  I was a little dizzy, well alot dizzy when it was over.  I can't do spinning rides.  Even Nemo's Submarine ride made me feel dizzy or sick.

This was Space Mtn.  The girls LOVED it.  They went with Robert first then they took me on it again.  They take a picture of you somewhere through all the winding and spinning.  Look at how scared Lindsey looks.  Emily was plugging her ears the whole time because it was a super loud ride.  I didn't care for it that much.  I liked the old one, or what I remember of the old one anyway.  It has been so long, maybe I didn't like that one either.  I perfer the up and down hills instead of just round and round rides.  (Shh, don't tell anyone but I am more of a Magic Mountain/Six Flags fan.)

This was It's a small world.  I have a picture really close to this of Lindsey one this same ride.  It will be cute to compare them. 

This was Amber and Samantha's favorite ride I think.  They wanted to come back on it again.
There was lots of times when we split up, the big kids went with one of the parents and the little kids went with the other parent.  Some rides we could all go together and some we couldn't due to the nature of the ride or the height requirement.  We took all the girls on the Mattahorn.  Amber was groaning toward the end and yelling, "I hate this ride, I hate this ride!"  We were cracking up laughing.  That wasn't a favorite for her either.  I took the big girls on the Haunted House, which is one I like, but they didn't really like it and it was all changed and decorated for Nightmare Before Christmas.  I was bummed! 

This is the little girls eating a sandwhich while we were waiting for a Pooh ride.

Can you tell the big girls are like, "Really, you want me to stand by Pooh's stuff?"  They just got off Splash Mtn with Robert,

This is some stuff the girls were playing with while we were waiting in the line for a Pooh ride.

The little girls and I waiting in a long line to see Pooh, Eyeore (who had to go right when it was our turn), and Tigger (who left right at the person before us).  I was bummed we only got to see Pooh, I would have settled for Tigger instead.  Oh well.  The girls liked it.  Amber gave him a big hug when she left.  It was so cute!

I took the girls into Toontown.  We had fun there too.  The other girls I think were in line for Space Mountain I think.

Amber and Samantha got to meet Mickey Mouse!  Amber said, "Hey I have seen you on TV!"  It was cute. 

This is a fountain in Toontown. 

Again this is in Toontown, this is Goofy's car, parked in front of his house.

The girls had to drive every car they saw, several times!

This was so funny!  Amber was playing with this.. then she pulled it all the way up and put down the handle.  It triggers all these noises, exploding sounds, firework sounds, smoke coming out of the building.... and they just kept going on and on.  Amber was running around in a circle screaming.  It was hillarious!  People tried to do it again after we left, but it just made a little "boing" sound. 

The girls found yet another car to ride and drive.  This was a fire truck next to the TNT box.

I think this was in Goofy's house.  We played here for awhile waiting for Robert and the big girls.  They had a little play area outside his house with a slide too.

This is note worthy that Samantha is driving!  That didn't happen much.  This is Mickey's car right outside of his house.

Emily was trying out the little door.  I think she has seen someone named Alice try to fit in small places before.
We had a great time!  I would totally do the "Give a Day, Get a Day" again for tickets.  The bummer was we had to choose between California Adventures or Disneyland.  I also felt guilty that much of the time we were catering and trying to work out ways to get the big girls back on the big rides they wanted to do.  We didn't do many of the little rides and the ones they wanted to do again, like the It's a Small World, we didn't get to do it again because we were hurring to go to some other big ride.  I felt bad about that.  We did only a few small rides for the little girls.  I guess that just means we will have to go again!  I also regret not getting a picture in front of the castle....  I kept meaning to do that, but Robert wasn't much into waiting around for pictures, instead it was riding rides and getting in line to ride rides.  The kids had a good time. 

We brought home souviners, 4 princess plastic cups for the little girls, a snoglobe Emily picked out, Lauren got a hat with mouse ears, and Lindsey picked out a little stuffed Bolt dog.  That cost probably more than our food did. 

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