Sunday, November 7, 2010

Time out

Robert had a work function...  "Strategic Planning" I think is what they called it.  They invited the wives or spouses to join in.  Robert and I talked about it and it didn't really cost that much more, since we shared the same room as our spouse, they had food costs and they provided activities for the spouses too so that would have been extra.  I know one employee that was much happier having his wife there during the time, and perhaps others felt that way too. 

We stayed at the Zermmat Resort in Midway.  It was very nice.  They have several different places to stay, they have their main rooms in the hotel, then they have Villas and then resorts I think they called them.  The resorts had garages and all that too.  I saw some advertising on those that you could buy them, use them and rent them out too.  We stayed in the Villas, and they were really nice!  They had a small full kitchen with dishwasher even.  There was a dining area with table and chairs, a living room area with fireplace.  Then the bedroom was off of that.  They had a bathroom with a shower and a dividing door to another part of the bathroom with vanity and jetted tub which were right off the bedroom.  The bedroom also had a patio or balcony depending on which floor you were on.  It was very nice! 

I was very spoiled while I was there.  Robert's company paid for spa treatments, and someone canceled theirs so I ended up getting two.  Wahoo!  Then we got $50 to go shopping in Park City with.  It was fun, and I so enjoyed spending some time alone with my wonderful husband whom I feel like I never get to spend time with.
They even had a little carousel at the resort, and goats...  We laughed about the resort having goats, but they  
weren't outside when I walked up where they were suppose to be.

Here is a rose for my Mom, she loves roses!  It doesn't look nearly as good as her roses when I saw them last.
They also had some geotherm hot pots, is that what they are called?  Perhaps you have heard of the Crater at the Homestead? I guess kind of the same thing.  Basically holes in the ground with hot water in them. 

This little house is for my girls.  Isn't it cute?
 It snowed the first two days while we were there.  Not the whole time, but enough to weigh down things.  This is outside our little patio.  The pool was off to the right of our room. 
They had a pool that was both outdoor and indoor.  At the bottom of the picture you can see a little canal, and that leads to the outside pool.  (The outside pool wasn't very popular.)
The company also paid for us to do an activity one of the days.  It was on Tuesday. (which was Amber's birthday and I was sad to not be there for her birthday)  We signed up for the zipline in Park City but I guess it broke or something broke so it was canceled.  Many of the other activities were cancelled too due to weather because it was snowy and cold.  Golf was off and so was street louge...  which is what we got signed up for after the zip line.  We were offered to go "off-roading" which we went for.  Robert didn't seem to excited about it until we got going.  We went with a co-worker of his.  He was nice enough to take the pictures for us.  Robert went flying through a mud puddle, claiming he didn't think it was that deep.  Yeah right!  lol  We got soaked, and muddy.  It was sooooo cold too.  It was snowing and freezing.  My legs and face where numb!  Thanks to some friends that gave us some hats to borrow and gloves, otherwise I would have been miserable!
 Robert was proud that our vehicle was the dirtiest when we brought it back.  I think we were the dirtiest too.  At dinner Robert noticed I had a little mud mascara still even after the shower.  It is kind of hard to tell, but our faces looked like the windsheild in the above picture.  The guy we went with told Rob on the way back to our resort, "you got a little mud on your face."  We all laughed. 
 On our way back we met one of the other groups off-roading with a flat tire.  We had an extra seat and asked if any of them wanted a ride back.  They declined and said someone was coming to fix it.  After we left we were laughing as we looked at the empty seat... it was covered in mud.  No wonder no one wanted to sit there. 
This was a view shot from our off-road adventure when we were on top of somewhere between Cascade Springs and Midway.

We had a good time.  Thanks to Robert's mom who stayed home with our kids so I could go.  This was the first time I had been away from the kids for so many days besides a c-section hospital stay.  This was lots more fun than a c-section hospital stay, from the room to the food to the activities to the way I felt.

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