Monday, November 15, 2010

Halloween Time

Now that it is nearly Thanksgiving, I suppose I will get my Halloween pictures on here.  Life has been so busy!  The day is over before it starts somedays!

The girls' schools have a Halloween parade where they get to wear their costumes, parents come and get the see all their costumes.  Last year both the girls' school did it at the same time.  I went to Emily's school and then raced to the twin's school to see them finished with the parade.  This year they had one in the morning and one toward the end of the day.  I was so delighted!

Emily wanted to be Cruella DeVil.  She made a good one!  I made her coat the morning of school, and she had a black dress that she wore.  I also made her bag for treats (pictured later).
 Lindsey wanted to be a mummy, I told her I couldn't let her do that for school, because she wouldn't be able to do it herself.  She decided to be a witch for school and then she would be a mummy later.
 Poor, Lauren, I totally missed her picture!  You can see her in the back, like the 3rd person.  She was an indian, but later I found out that was just for the parade. 
 Then for Halloween, Lauren was a witch. 
 Luckily Emily stuck with Cruella, for the parade, the turnk or treat, and trick or treating.
 Amber was an elephant... and she made a cute one.  Except when she was tired and just laid on the floor sucking her thumb. (Notice the 9-1-1 bag, those came from WA as a barf bag because Emily had thrown up the morning we left, if I remember right.  They came from Aunt Lorri but were at my parents house.)
 Lindsey was a mummy... for only trunk or treating.  She threw a fit because it was falling all apart... mostly it was my fault because I went about it the wrong way.  I should have used a stretchy material instead of cutting up a painting cloth that you use to cover things with.  I will know for next time.  Stretchy only!  It fell to pieces as she got in the car, as she moved, as most anything.  Not to mention when it was raining, she wasn't sticking together very well.  I felt bad, and Lindsey was crying and didn't want to go to trunk or treating.
 Samantha was a cute little Dalmation dog, which was suppose to be with Cruella, but somehow I didn't get a picture of the two of them together.  Bummer!
 After I painted Samantha's nose, Amber wanted her nose painted too. 
 So cute aren't they?  I couldn't help but take lots of pictures because they were so cute!
 Samantha loved her tail!  She kept finding it and pointing it out to us.  Sometimes she would even freeze, and say, "where's my tail" as she would look for it.
 Then after the trunk or treat and the mummy costume turned bad, Lindsey decided to be a gypsy.  No one looks very happy in the picture except Lauren.
 I think everyone was ready to go and tired of standing for pictures.  This was the best picture I got of all the girls for Halloween.  Nice huh!  Maybe we will get a better one next year.
 I also forgot to show you our pumpkins.  This is all of them together on our steps.
 This is Samantha's pumpkin, the smallest of the all. 
 This was Lauren's and she carved it herself.
 This was Amber's she told me what shapes and how they were to be for her face.
 This is Emily's pumpkin.  She wanted a small one.... less guts and seeds I guess.
 This is Lindsey's she carved herself except for the glasses.  She wanted a "nerd" pumpkin.  Funny girl!
 This is mine... I can't help but to do a pumpkin with the girls.  I actually gutted two, but a neighbor used one of them.
And did I mention all these and 3 more were grown from our garden?  Nice huh!  Unfortunately those were about the only thing that grew in our garden.  Oh well. 


Jamie said...

I liked your mouse pumpkin. It kind of gave me the creeps! very SCARY....
I thought all the costume changes were funny. sometimes costumes are hard to predict. Sometimes you learn the hard way mummies need stretchy material.

NEEM said...

Cute Samanta is! And i love the name Samanta its so beautiful!