Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A first for Samantha

This is Samantha after she enjoyed a slice of Amber's birthday cake. You can read about it here.  Isn't she just a doll?  I love her... her little voice, her loving kindness toward others, her imagination, her smiles, the little things she has to do, the way she says "sop" for stop.  Or the way she will shake her head no while she is telling you something, like saying "we color on it" as she shakes her head no, which means to her we don't color on it.  She is so fun!  I could have about 7 of her and would still be happy.
Samantha has always been bald in my opinion.  She has lacked hair from the day she was born.  Now that she does have hair, 2 years later, it is so light it is hard to see.  I have been going back in forth of cutting her hair or not.  It is so uneven but it does make it look like she has more hair.  I was thinking I would wait until she was 3 to cut her hair, but then it might be harder to cut when it was longer. 

Decisions, decisions.  I also was worried that once I cut Samantha's hair, Amber may decide she can cut her hair by herself or maybe even Samantha's hair.  Amber is pretty clever on things like that, and wanting to do things by herself.  I also didn't want Samantha to experiment with the scissors. 

I finally just did it.  Samantha was just out of the bath.  I distracted her with the junk drawer, I put her on a stool so she could dig in there and look around while I put her hair in a pony pretty much and cut her hair. 

This is what her hair looked like before she got it cut.  It was in the middle of her back when you pulled it straight.

This is what it looks like now. 

She didn't even know I cut it.

It still isn't perfectly even, but it is better then it was before and it will grow more even too.  When I told Robert I cut her hair (3 days later) he said he couldn't even notice.  I then showed him the hair and he was suprised. 
Samantha has had her first haircut!  Something Emily had when she was about 9 months old because she had so much hair, and something Amber has never had. 

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wendy said...

Darling!! I love it!!