Wednesday, March 3, 2010

We are going to Disneyland!

I think we are going to Disneyland this year.  The girls are so excited!

Disney is doing a "Give a Day, Get a Disney Day" program this year.  If you give service for a day then they will give you a free ticket to your choice of Disney resort.  We try to go to California each year to visit Robert's sister and brother, and his sister lives very close to Disneyland, that will be our plan for this year then. 

The project we participated in was Project Linus.  They collect handmade blankets to give out to children in need.  My girls had so much fun doing the blankets, Emily said, "do you think we could do more?" 

The nice thing about the "Give a Day, Get a Disney Day" program is that children age 6 and up can participate in it and get their own ticket for a Disney Resort.  For us, that meant everyone but the two young girls got to get a ticket for free!  That is pretty cool huh!

Disney is only giving out so many tickets, so the sooner you act the better your chances of getting a ticket.  I think the tickets have to be used by Dec. 16th or something like that, and there are a few blockout dates that the tickets are NOT good for. 

We had fun, I would definitely recommend it to others wanting to help out.  We made 3 fleece blankets, a quilted panel that I put a binding on, and then I made a rag quilt too.  Those were our 5 blankets. 

The girls cut strips in their fleece blankets and then tied them in knots.  Emily did a little different things on each edge of her blanket.  I cut their blankets to the correct measurements and made sure they were square.

This is the rag quilt I made, before I washed it.  I was feeling good that for the most part it was square, and most of the squares lined up.  I made one for my brother and sil's little boy and it wasn't very square at all, it looked more like I was trying to make it all staggered and brick laying kind of look.  I got a cutting board, and I think that helped out a TON for this blanket.

Project Linus recommended sending "blanket hugs" on the blankets.  Wrapping cut out hands/arms around the blanket with a note inside.  These are done, so now we have to just wait to see if they are accepted and wait for our vouchers to be sent via email. 

Samantha and Amber even helped with my pins... they would try to pin my quilt squares and then Amber would take the pins out after I was done.  Samantha mostly just took the pins out of anything she found and put the pins on the floor.  She would say, "pokey, hurt, pokey, hurt" over and over again. 

I am so excited!  What a great way to get free tickets. 


wendy said...

Hey Karla! Those look awesome. I have thought about Disneyland, but haven't gotten on the ball yet. Hope you have a great time!!

The Jones :) said...

CUTE...good job guys and how exciting for your family!! The girls look like they're having fun...but not nearly as much as Rob is!! He looks awfully excited in that picture!! Good job and what a thing to teach your kids!! Good job Karla...and have FUN in Disneyland!!!

** Adrian ** said...

Those quilts look AWESOME!! I love the "blanket hugs," too! Great job!

Thanks SOO much for the comment on my blog. You made me feel SOO good! I laughed out loud at the thought of Nate & Rob with all of our kids!! I'd love to be a fly on the wall to see that!!! It'd be so fun to have a girls night out! We should really do that sometime! Anyway, thanks again. Your comment made my whole week better, so THANK YOU!! ;-D