Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My overdue appointment to the dentist

I finally went to the dentist...  I am not really sure I am glad I did now.  I typically have teeth to fix... I don't think I have many of my teeth that don't have fillings in them and I have several crowns already. 

Last time I went to the dentist...  I was pregnant with one of 4 of the pregnancies between the twins and Amber.  We started trying for another baby when the twins were 2 and finally when they were 4 we had Amber.  With all that, that says I haven't been to the dentist for about 4-6 years.  OUCH!  Can that really be true? 

The part that made me not sure I am glad I went is the price of all the work to be done... many of my old fillings they want to redo and then of course make into crowns.  Then I have a root canal that needs to be done because of a bad tooth, although it hasn't been giving me any problems. 

Of course when I told Robert, he was mad asking me to tell him the truth... and I kept saying, "seriously."  Robert was explaining to Emily that my teeth to be fixed will cost as much of two of his cars (his honda civic that he has now).  He then laughed and said, "we can put two of my cars in mom's mouth."  Robert is angry that I have waited so long to go, and now of course we get to pay for all that lacking care...  and his comment was, "maybe you should just get false teeth, that should cost less."  I see nothing wrong with that.  having nice uniform perfect white teeth... sounds beautiful!  I should call and ask if they can do that!!

I am glad we have dental insurance but with all the work to be done, it doesn't seem like it covers much as far as the WHOLE picture goes.  I think they have a max of $1500 a year.  Sounds enough for a normal person going to the dentist, but I am not your normal person going to the dentist.  (I think I had a root canal on a baby tooth when I was about 5 yrs old.  I think my twin brother got the good teeth gene.)

I am wanting the sleep denistry to get it all done in ONE visit...  but Robert wants another opinion to make sure we aren't being robbed.  Actrually he wants to pull all my teeth out and have me run around with halloween fangs for teeth until we can afford real teeth.  (Okay not really, although he probably wouldn't think that was a bad idea.)

How embarrassing!  I don't even want to go back there again!  What a nighmare.  Maybe I will just let my teeth fall out. 


** Adrian ** said...

OH MAN! Reading this has me freaked out BIG TIME! If you thought you hadn't been to the dentist forever I have you beat-- by a long shot. I haven't been to one since Morgan was 3 MONTHS old. Hmmm... so that'd make it about 9 years since I've been. SCARY!! I can't imagine how many teeth are needing something. Now it makes me REALLY not want to find out! Good luck!! That doesn't sound fun at all. If I was you I WOULD get a second opinion, though-- I've heard dentists can really rip you off.

wendy said...

Karla, I'm with Adrian on getting a second opinion. I was expecting four fillings a couple of weeks ago, but a different dentist started to do the work (they are in the same office--a scheduling issue got me the other guy) and said I only needed one. PLUS, I'm pretty sure that if you needed a root canal, you would know it. They hurt like the dickins--cold and heat sensitivity like nuts.

If you want my more conservative Dentist's information, I'm glad to pass it on.

The Jones :) said...

Karla I'm right there with you...however I was at the dentist just 3 years ago...which is still a LONG time, but I have horrible teeth. I have some that need crowns...some that need root canals...and some that just need help :) A couple are broken and sharp...but the price for dental work is PATHETIC...I agree that I'd rather just have them fall out or get false teeth. I'd be ok with that too!!! I guess I just see it as my kids need more medical and dental and other help then I do!! I can deal with the annoying teeth issues and problems...they have a lot longer to live!! Good luck on your decision...and hope it all goes okay!!! Some dentists just want the money and do a crappy job on them...(like the root canal that is breaking apart in my mouth)...UGH...I'm right there with you though!! Thinking of you!!

Amy Sorensen said...

I HATE going to the dentist. I would rather do anything other than that! I FEEEEEL your pain, from the dental sticker shock to the argument with Robert. When it comes right down to it, though, what else are you going to do? You have to fix them...they'll only get worse!

But yeah: get a second opinion. Many dentists do fillings when they aren't really needed.