Friday, March 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Emily

We celebrated Emily's 10th birthday.  How did she get that old?  I normally ask the kids what kind of cake they want... they normally will tell me Barbie or butterfly, Dora, or Rock star... giving me some idea of what they want.  Emily being 10 doesn't really like kid cakes like that much anymore.  She just told me "vanila cake" which gave me no ideas at all. 
I decided on a rainbow, and then in her card talked about how rainbows are precious, beautiful, amazing, rare... just as she is those things, she is like a rainbow.
I even found candles that had rainbow flames, the looked great when the lights were turned off.
She blew out all the candles... which is good, she is too young for a boyfriend.
Even her vanila cake was rainbow colors.
Samantha got her a big ball, Amber got her a kite and a bubble wand...
Lauren drew her a picture and wrote her a card...
Lindsey got her a rubber band collection (Em wants to collect them to make a rubber band ball), she made her a card, made her a crystal necklace and a little statue of some craft stick people. 

Both Lindsey and Lauren did their present by themselves, on their own.  I didn't even know about the rubber bands, but was looking for them the other day and couldn't find them.  Now I know where they went.  Lindsey and Lauren both wrapped their presents and then hid them in the house so Emily couldn't find them.  Pretty funny.  All my girls are great girls, very thoughtful and loving.
Then she got a stepping stone kit (now she can give her rabbit a proper headstone instead of a pvc pipe to mark her grave) and then a series of 4 books, and a DVD... oh and a cookbook.  She also got some pillows for her room, but I have taken after my mom in the way of  "I also got you this, but it isn't done yet."  She had great projects that didn't quite finish in time.  I see how easy that is now, you get this wonderful idea and then time is lacking and it doesn't quite make it.  (That was my Christmas projects... I still have a several undone, but just didn't tell the girls about them.  I was hoping to finish Emily's for her birthday... but maybe next Christmas.)

I do like making cakes, decorating them and all that.  I always get a bit upset when I hear someone "purchases" their cake from the store.  I always think, I would have made that for you!  There is a draw back to making them though... my kitchen always gets to be a mess...especially when I have helpers.
Amber used the last pound of powder sugar that was still in the bag, it ended up on the counter, the floor, and her clothes.  Samantha (although I didn't get a picture) found my bags of frosting and sucked them dry.  Luckily it was after the cake was done.  Or most of it was, she got my blue that I was going to use for Emily's name, but instead I had to go with the uncontaminated color of purple.  Which was probably my last choice for her name, but what can you do when someone has sucked on all the other frosting bags?

Maybe Amber likes making cakes too.

Happy Birthday Emily!!


wendy said...

That cake is beautiful, Karla! Wow!

The Gubler Family said...

I am so glad that I am not the only one who doesn't every finish my Christmas gift ideas. Valorie and Christopher's birthdays are in January so every year I start sewing something for them for Christmas and never finish it on time so it ends up being for their birthdays instead. One year I wrapped up the material I had bought for Valorie and gave it to her with a picture of the skirt I was going to sew it into. Well guess what? That material is still sitting in my sewing cabinet. I think that was 4 years ago.

** Adrian ** said...

Karla your cakes are AMAZING!! I wish I had your talent! I thought of Emily yesterday-- It looks like she had a fun birthday!!!


The post about Amber's "new rules" made me laugh! She is such a crack up!!

Roberts Family said...

Great job on the cake! I can't believe she is that old already. 2 more years and she'll be in Young Womens! Crazy!