Monday, March 1, 2010

Samantha and the cat

Samantha LOVES the cat.  She will try to follow him around, she will squeal when she sees him and then he normally will take the cue and slowly head toward the kitty door to get outside.  Sometimes he will head for under a bed where he is always safe. 

Samantha has been better with him lately... she isn't as loud so he tolerates her a little more. 

GATO (our cat) was sitting on our bed, then Samantha found him.
And she found a bottle too, and then Amber came to see what was going on.
Samantha was trying to feed the cat and herself too.
Can you believe it, the cat just sat there... in the beginning she grabbed him and pulled him toward her.
He just sat there with the girls... as they tried to feed him a bottle and love on him.
Samantha thinks she has bonded with the cat.  Funny thing is, that a day or two after this, I put Samantha in her bed at night to go to bed.... and the cat was sleeping in her bed already.  Stupid cat, he is just asking for it.  Samantha even moved down to the end he was at and he stayed there until later when she squealed, then he left.  I have since found him numerous times in Samantha's bed.  Samantha likes it though!


Marie said...

Oh, that is cute! My cats hate kids so we'll see how they do when we have a new baby. My husband would be really upset if one of my cats was in the baby's bed, but I think it's cute that Gato was in Samantha's bed, waiting for her.

** Adrian ** said...

That is too cute!! I used to love playing with our cat when I was little, too - - - I'd even dress it up in my doll clothes! ;)

You always have the funnest posts! Sorry I don't always take the time to comment. I really do love reading your blog!

I was so sad reading the "Unfortunate Event" post... it makes me with there was SOMETHING I could have done to help you!!! What a rough afternoon. I'm glad you survived!

It feels like we're finally getting over our colds (KNOCK ON WOOD!!!) We'll have to get together soon!

Roberts Family said...

He must be getting attached to her. He realizes the squeals, yanks, pats, and pulls are all some type of affection. Cute!