Tuesday, March 9, 2010

New Rules

Amber loves to play games like the big girls.  Most of the games are too complicated for her to play.  This game she likes to play and recently made up her own rules.  As if that even suprised me, she is kind of bossy that way.  The game is Kerplunk but I am sure there are other names for this game too. 
You put all the little sticks into the middle part to hold up the marbles...
Then you add the marbles.  You then take turns taking out the sticks.  Who ever knocks out the most marbles loses.  Amber first played that you won if you got all the marbles.  Now the game rules have changed again.  Imagine that, nothing ever stays the same with Amber around.
She added a little white dog, so if you get the dog you win.  Next round it was the dog and the rock that she added.  Now you have to get the dog and the rock and you win.  The marbles don't count anymore I guess.
One night Amber, Robert, and I played... remember you gotta get the rock and the dog now to win.
Robert got the rock, then Amber got the dog.  You wanna guess who won? lol
"I won, I got the dog, the dog is the winner, because it is the best.  Give me your rock, Dad.  I won, I won!"
Amber is trying to change the rules again, but I am trying to convince her the game is just fine the way it is.  (And that the pencil would get stuck and wouldn't really come out.  I was afraid for the dog, but it seemed to work out okay, but I am not so sure about the pencil.)

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Stephanie said...

lol. Sounds good to me!

Nice to meet you, Utah Girl. I'm a homeschooling Mama in Salt Lake. :)