Saturday, November 29, 2008

Time for a catch up post!

Has it really been that long? It seems like months! I have been so busy and so stressed that I haven't had time to get on here to post, and yet when I have thought I would like to take a minute to post, then I haven't had a computer hooked up or had Internet access. (Apparently there is only dial-up out in our area now... FUN!) That is another story in itself, but first things first!

Before our move, it seemed like Amber was going crazy making mess after mess and and unpacking each box she could get her hands on. Some of them she wouldn't unpack, but just unorganized so the books would be all flopped down or the items would be arranged in a way that I would have to redo them so that I could get more in the box. What a time! We somehow ended up with Oreo's or should I say name brand Oreo's (since I am cheap), it must have been an impulse buy, since I normally don't buy cookies. Amber was eating the cookies, and she would eat only the middle filling part and then put the cookie back together and put it back in the container. You definitely didn't want to eat any of the ones that looked skinny or a little on the soft side since she would also kind of slobber or suck on them.

The girls one day were play restaurant where Emily would order their meals and then bring them back to them. I was selling some scrapbook paper and they stacked up to make a lovely table I suppose, and even seats too.

I think the cat must have figured out that something was going on with our packing and all, he started sleeping with Samantha, which is a big NO NO. But I couldn't resist getting a picture before I scolded him and kicked him out of there while I told him what a bad cat he was.

Last Saturday we had access to the house, we had closed, got our keys (well kind of) and I thought I would take the girls out and we would do the cleaning of the cabinets and shelves and the bathrooms and all that fun stuff. Robert's parents had gotten into town the night before so they were coming out to see our house and to help clean.

I get to the house, look for where I thought the keys were to be, can't find them. I am trying to use Robert's cell phone, which I am totally unfamiliar with, I feel like such an idiot with it, I have a hard time answering a phone call on it, much less make a phone call. I call our agent, he tells me where the key is again, I look for it to find a bees nest under the compartment that I have to get into to get the keys... I am thinking NO WAY! I brave up and open the compartment to get the keys and softly shut the door. I guess the bees where too cold to really care.

I go get the girls out of the car and tell them they can get out now, since I have the keys and we have access to the house. I unload all my cleaning stuff and misc. stuff I was bringing of Rob's and all. I shut the door and hear the "click" of the locks. I remember and notice at the same time that I left my keys (which were really Robert's set of keys) on the front seat. Great! No problem, when Robert is done with the Turkey Bowl, I will have him bring me my keys if they are not in my purse already. (I totally forgot to look for my keys or tell Robert that I locked myself out.)

I get in the house, turn on the water... no water! Great! I go to another faucet, nothing. I think back and remember that the water was SUPPOSE to be turned on. I go to the basement where I remembered seeing the water valve, turn it on, Yippee! Water is flowing! I am cleaning, the girls are helping a little, Robert gets to the house, his parents come, we talk and I clean more and get all done, we are ready to go back to our old house to go to a birthday party. As I walk out to the car, I remember I don't have keys! Oooops! Robert then has to go all the way back home, get my set of keys (which were not in my purse) and come all the way back out. Which then made us super late for our birthday party we were suppose to be at. Of course I am thinking, now I am stuck here, nothing to eat, the girls are starving, I am done cleaning all I can clean. And we are just stuck here!

Here are a few pictures the girls took and some I took too. This is the side of our yard, the back part. It is really shallow, but the sides are deeper, if that makes sense. We have two levels of rock walls on the side, which will be fun to landscape with. The yard is total weeds, mostly stickers! It will take some major time to fix up.

This is at the top of the stairs, looking into the loft area where the kids will have their toys and TV for movies or what not. It should be a nice place for them to play.

This is Lindsey coming up the stairs. The stairs have this railing all the way down and around the top edges too. It is kinda fun!

This is the top of the stairs, the railing goes around to the master bedroom, and you can see down to the front door through the railing on the stairs too, it is all open.

We seem to have a cat too! This cat seems to think it lives here! Who knows, maybe it does. The girls named it Carmel and now they have changed it to Pumpkin Pie, they call it Pumpkin for short.

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Can we reach you at your same old number? I lost Rob's cell number.

I miss you already! The house looks great! HOpe your Thanksgiving was wonderful!