Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Finally Halloween and more

I have finally got my halloween pictures up here. This last week has been a whirl-wind and this week is even more busy, or would that be busy-er? The girls are doing great in school... I can't believe it is nearly Thanksgiving and then Christmas will be here right around the corner as well. How did that happen so fast?

I have a load of pictures here to put up, so here we go, randomly...

Isn't she so cute... what a doll, and she is starting to sit up by herself. It is only for a few minutes and has to be totally supervised, because you never know when she might crash.

Samantha is so fun, she smiles and giggles, I love it! She is getting to really use her hands too, she will grab my pant legs or my skirt on Sundays, or toys or things she sees in reach on the ground (which is a good sign I need to do better are keeping the floors clean and debri free). The girls seem to really like her as well. Amber was playing with her the other day too. I think the bigger Samantha gets, the more Amber will interact with her.

Amber in her "little giraffe" costume. When Halloween came, I thought she was going to be a spider, but when we put the costume on her, she didn't want to do it. I put on like 3 different costumes, and it was like time to go, and she still didn't have a costume. I finally just talked her into wearing this one... phew! Which was great, it was nice and warm.

Lindsey is a vampire, which yucky blood, and this is her best friend from school, Tess. Tess looked really cute too! Lindsey was so pleased Tess was there at the same time we were doing pictures so they could get one together.

Here Lauren and Emily are in the leaves that are in our front yard. Lauren really poses and makes great faces for the camera.
And as for the last posting of "Potty Training" it didn't work. We had more accidents then potty in the toilet. I guess I will try again later. I really thought she was really ready. She was showing signs, she would even wake up in the morning and say she was soggy and wanted to be changed. She did tell me when she went potty on the floor, but just wasn't getting into the toilet or even trying to. In fact the thing that made me decide to try again later was the following story....
On the second day of potty training, Amber had panties on, had gone potty once on the floor. I was going potty and asked her if she wanted to go to. She tried and got up quickly, and I kept telling her to sit back down and try it again. She just kept getting back up. As I was washing my hands, she wanted to wash her hands too. I thought, "sure, go ahead... I will go get Samantha dressed." Figuring this usually keeps her busy for a little bit washing her hands over and over. I came back into the bathroom because I heard her splashing in some water. I assumed she had spilled lots of water on the floor or the stool she was on and was now patting her hand in it. I came in to the bathroom and seeing that was what happened. I picked up Amber to get her out of the water, and she grabs my shoulder to hang on with her wet hand. She then says, "I went potty" and points to the stool. I was like, YUCK! Those aren't wet hands those are potty hands! Now for sure she needed to wash her hands and I wanted to take a shower! After all that, and the idea of her JUST being on the potty a few minutes before that and not going potty, I would just bag it and do it again in the summer time or something. Sooooo, we are still 2 in diapers, with the added formula expense. Oh well I guess!


The Jones :) said...

Your girls are so cute!! I like that bow/flower thing on Samantha...I've gotta figure out where to get those cute things!! Let me know if I can do anything to help you with your "busy-ness"...although I won't be much help in a couple weeks!! You're in my thoughts!!

wendy said...

Ew Ew Ew, I was grossing out at the potty hands story. I know I will have my turn.

And can we say it too many times, how much Samantha and our little guy look alike? TONS in those pictures.