Thursday, November 13, 2008

Pumpkins and snakes

I figure since we are moving (see previous post) I might as well get busy packing and cleaning up the outside of the house. Take down the cobwebs that I put up and the ones that have accumulated while we have been here. Looking at the jack-o-lanterns that are rotting away.... pumpkins don't seem to last very long once you cut them open and empty them out. Amber was playing with the pumpkins and then said, "what that? Oh, it a lil nake" and I am trying to figure out what she is talking about... I see the snake, am startled and say "OOOhhh!!!!" as I say backing up and basically freaking out. Then realizing what my reaction is and trying to stay positive and not scare Amber (one day she will see how yucky and scary and unnatural these footless creatures are) I change my voice and say in a nice story book type voice, " a snake, isn't that funny, he is in the pumpkin." Although I wasn't thinking funny, I was thinking nasty creature, scary sneaky creature.... and I decided to work on the inside boxing instead of worrying about the Halloween decorations (nasty snake!!).
Unfortunately as I got the camera he was on his way out of the pumpkin, instead of his little head sticking out the top, waving his little forked tongue at Amber. His scary defence worked on me!!


Me and My Hawkes BOYZ said...

That is disgusting. I would have been freakin' out. I have been lucky so far... 4 boys and no pet snakes. Let's hope it stays that way. Maybe we don't want to live over there. :)

Julie said...

Snakes are scary! I have seen alot of snakes in my back yard as I weed. They are everywhere. I have not had one in my pumpkins yet which are still rotting on my front steps. We have had a lot of pet snakes in buckets that the boys collect. Good thing you have girls....well some of the girls have been involved in collecting snakes so watch out. I still can't believe you are moving. Maybe we can just go get your new house knock out this one and set the new one right there. I guess that's harder than it sounds. WE can wish tho right?

Jamie said...

YOu have told me about your plentiful snakes but seeing them in your pumpkin is a new level of ew!

ps your word verification is funny and totally right on for you! it says
"o U Rock" You totally do! Love ya