Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Potty Training 101

Amber is 2 yrs old, normally I try this closer to 3, but Amber seems interested in going potty. Maybe beacuse the older girls... I got some new panties for Amber... the ones we have are all TOO small, even the ones I bought were too small. I couldn't find any 12 or 18 month panties... which is the size she normally wears. I stocked up on "potty treats" which include m&m's, dots, marshmellows, skittles, jelly beans... most anything I could find in our cupboards or in the kids candy that is small and not too sticky.

She went potty as soon as we got home, I put some panties on her, gave her the potty treats to pick out of and she then called "dad" to tell him she had panites on and she went potty in the toilet and got a potty treat.

We will see how this all goes, I think sometimes "I" am the one that is potty trained by asking her if she needs to go and making sure she gets to the bathroom frequently. My idea of potty trained is when they TELL you they need to go, so "I" may be potty trained here first, but hopefully she will get the idea.

I think if we don't have diapers for here anymore, that might almost pay for the formula that Samantha has started on. We will see how it goes. (fingers crossed!!) It seems like for the first 2 days at least, I am just cleaning floors, clothes, and furniture from the potty not getting where it is suppose to be! So far this morning, she is not keeping her panties on, she just keeps taking them off. Wish me luck!!


wendy said...

Okay, formula is horrible on the budget. What brand are you using?

I feel bad that somehow I didn't get your blog on my google reader so I missed it for a while without realizing it!

The Johnson's said...

GOOD LUCK!! I hope you have a better time than I have had with Wyatt--he's really struggling with potty training. It's been VERY frustrating for me. He seems to do REALLY well or REALLY awful. Lately it's been mostly awful. I can't decide if he's just not ready yet or if he's just so stubborn that he won't do it. Either way it's been NO FUN!