Friday, October 24, 2008

Ward Halloween Party

We had our church halloween party last night. My camera battery was dead, so we left it charging while we were at the party. By the end of the party the girl's makeup and costumes where a little frazzled.

This is after--Lauren was reading poor Amber a book. Amber was so sad and whiny! She just kept throwing herself on the floor and crying. She wanted the candy and we kept telling her no. She managed to eat through Emily's sucker wrapper, she ate a little snickers bar I had gotten, but just took a bike out of the middle and then she signed I don't like and said "I don't like it." So much for my candy bar. This was one of the better pictures I got of Amber, and she still looks pretty grumpy.
Amber somewhat cooperated for this picture although she was telling me, "Mantha too heavy" and kept trying to push her away. Both Samantha and Amber where Utah Jazz cheerleaders, or fans or something. Amber was to be a cheerleader, but she wouldn't have anything to do with the pom poms, luckily they were just a dollar.
Lindsey's costume and make-up was shot by the end of the night. When we got home, the girls were so tired and I was wiped out, I didn't feel like really doing much to make their pictures better... Lindsey said she looked more like a cat at the end of the night then a vampire. Of course a week ago Lauren was playing with Lindsey's vampire teeth, the ones she really liked and Lauren lost them. Bummer!! Linsdey was stuck with the ones that hurt her mouth, so she ended up not wearing them at all. I am not sure if anyone knew for sure that she was a vampire or not... Her cape wasn't the greatest either. I may have to go look for a different cape for her...

Samantha seemed pretty happy. I tried to find some purple and greenish color ribbon for her hair, but no luck. (Of course I waited for the last minute so on Wed. night when I went out to look, at the ONE fabric store, I didn't see anything I really liked, but I did get elastic for Emily's new skirt I made.)

Amber wasn't in any mood for pictures. She was so tired and wouldn't sit still for a picture. Her outfit turned out cuter than I had thought it would have. Although none of the pictures really show it off in the right way. She was crying and crawling up the stairs....

Or throwing herself on the floor....
Lauren loves to get her photo taken so she is always posing just so... She makes me laugh! I am sure you can tell by her pictures from last night and from other things.

Lauren wanted to be a "China girl princess" for halloween this year. I thought I could figure out how to make her kimino and then I found a great website that had all sorts of really cheap assesories to go with it. They even had the socks that seperated the big toe from the other toes to go with their cool sandles that look like flip flops on blocks. I got her shoes, fan, and umbrella all for a little over $15 and $7 of that was shipping/handling charges. I wasn't sure if I could find anything cheaper or better around here. I did want to get her some fun flowers for her hair, but I ran out of time and forgot.
Emily decided to be a witch this year. Last night she was upset before the party saying "everybody is being a witch I don't want to be a witch anymore." She has already requested the "china girl" costume for next year.
Here's the girls all together. Again you can see Lauren really posing!
Amber was too sad to be in the picture. I was lucky to get any of her at all.

I think for the most part the girls had fun. It made for a really long night, and super tired girls this morning. In fact, Robert's brother stayed here last night, so that meant Emily was out of her room and in Amber's room, which then put Lindsey and Lauren in the same room. They stay up forever fighting, argueing, or just laughing and talking when they are in the same room. So at like 10:30 or a little before they were still up yelling at each other "Lindsey stop that!" "Lauren don't do that!" and I told them they needed to go to sleep or they would stay home from school today and miss their farm field trip with their class.
Shortly after that I took a shower... Lauren got out of bed having to go the the bathroom, noticed the bathroom door shut, she went back into her room, got on the bottom bunk where Lindsey was asleep and wet Lindsey's bed. But before this, she took off her pants and all headed into the bathroom, then noticed the door was closed so she went back into her room. Robert was downstairs on the phone, trying to figure out what Lauren was doing half naked in the hallway. Lindsey was alseep through all of this. Robert told me what had happened and then I put Lauren in the bath, Robert is trying to clean the top bunk where Lauren was sleeping, to find that is was dry... (of course because she got out of bed first, and then got back in Lindsey's bed.) Then he asked Lauren again if she wet the bed and she said yes. After much confusion, he discovered Lindsey's bed wet, and of course Lindsey was wet too. He woke up Lindsey who wasn't too happy to be woken up, and then told her that Lauren peed on her so she needed to go get in the bath, which even made her even more upset. Poor girls where totally exausted this morning. Lauren ended up sleeping on the floor. It is ALWAYS an adventure around here... we are never short of anything exciting!!


The Johnson's said...

I LOVE THE COSTUMES!!! Tell Emily I think her witch costume is AWESOME!!! I LOVE her cape!!! Lindsey's vampire costume is great, too & I LOVE Lauren's posing!! (SHe reminds me of Morgan--she totally does that when I take her picture, too!!) I think the "China girl princess" is a GREAT idea!! I wouldn't be surprised to see my girls request this for next year too when they see these pictures!! Your two little jazz girls were DARLING, too!! I can't believe how big Samantha looks!! & Even though Amber was mad & sad she looked darling, too!!! I loved all the pictures!! I'm ALREADY having a blast reading your blog!!!

I'm sorry for all the bedtime drama--I know what you mean about always having an feels that way here OFTEN!!!

Love you guys!!

Me and My Hawkes BOYZ said...

I am laughing out loud right now at the bedtime drama... Carson will be happy to hear he isn't the only one that gets peed on. :)