Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I finally did it!

So I have been thinking about starting a blog to keep in touch and give updates on the things the girls are doing. It seems like I never have time to start a blog when I am thinking I need to do that. Then I don't think about it until I have something to report on.... such as the other day...

I had Amber and Samantha with me, we were running some errands right before the girls were to get out of school. I told Amber we would get an ice cream, which she LOVES!! I stopped at Artic Circle got her an ice cream cone and got myself a plain burger, I hadn't eaten all day and it was 2pm and time to pick up the girls from school. I gave Amber her ice cream. She started to eat it and then noticed that I had a bag with food in it and wanted to know where her chicken was. I told her I didn't have any for her and to just eat her ice cream. Then she told me she put it down and she was ready for her chicken. Of course I didn't have any chicken so I break a piece of my burger off and give it to her. As I am driving to the school to get the girls I think back on Amber's words, "I put it down" and start wondering where did she put it down? Thinking she has dumped it on the floor of the suburban I am thinking Rob is going to kill me! He is always upset about how the car is ALWAYS trashed with food bits, garbage, and lost belonging the girls leave in there.... i.e. socks, shoes, jackets, papers from school. About this time I figure I will soon see where she has dumped it figuring I will check when I pick the girls up from school which I was now headed to go get them. I then focus on Samantha and try to soothe her. She had gotten fussy in the last little bit. As I am talking to Samantha, Amber tells me that she is done and wants her ice cream back. I am thinking, YUCK, there is no way you can eat it off the coats, blankets, socks, and garbage that is on the floor in front of her seat, and so I ask her, "where is your cone?" She replies, "I gave it to Mantha" (which is how she says Samantha.) I am now thinking maybe that's why Samantha has been crying since about the time we left Artic Circle. I pull over and get out of the car and look in Samantha's seat, and sure enough there is the ice cream cone, tucked on the side of Samantha, all nice and cold! Poor baby. Amber is going crazy trying to get her cone back, I remove the ice cream cone from Samantha's car seat and give it back to Amber. And everyone was happy again, and I continue my drive to go get the big girls from school.

I also plan on putting on emails that I have sent to my family/friends with pictures and stories like this and what has been going on.  So even though I am just now starting my blog... it will date back further... hopefully!  {fingers crossed}

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wendy said...

Yay for starting a blog! And that story is too funny!