Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Red RIbbon Week-Crazy hair day

This week at school the girls are having a red ribbon week, for drug awareness. They got little red plastic bracelets that say something about saying no to drugs (I can't remember the exact wording). Each day of school this week they have different fun days to dress up or do funny things. Yesterday was red day, they were to all wear red. The class with the most red or most people wearing red wins a prize.

Today is crazy hair day. Lindsey and Lauren gave me strict instructions on how they wanted their hair. Then once Lauren was done with her hair, Lindsey just told me to do her hair like Laurens. I was telling the girls last night that their hair was pretty dirty and we needed to wash it, then I remembered today was crazy hair day, and thought of all the hair spray that would go into their hair and decided to wait one more day.... Tomorrow is pajama day. That should make for a easy morning to get the girls dressed.

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The Johnson's said...

OH, my girls will be so jealous! THey did crazy hair day at their last school during red ribbon week & Morgan was really excited for it to come this year--well, we are having red ribbon week THIS week, too, but sadly there's NO crazy hair day. DARN!! We had all planned out how we were going to do hers too! OH WELL!!!

Their hair looks GREAT & of course VERY CRAZY!!!!