Monday, February 28, 2011

Random stuff

Emily had a science project, so somehow in that, we ended up with 2 guinea pigs. 
 Now that her project is over, I am not sure what we will do with them.  The got lots of attention the first couple weeks.
 Now no one wants to clean their cage which gets pretty smelly pretty fast!
 Our cat who still has no name besides Cat and Kitty, catches mice all the time. 
 He will bring them in and flip them around and catch it and bite it and then bat it again.  Yesterday he brought in two mice, one right after the other one.  They were not the same one, the first one was dead and the second not so dead. 
 It is kind of annoying when the cat brings the mice inside.  (I must admit I find it amusing to watch him play with it.)  Then I have to put the dead mouse outside.  What is really annoying is when he brings the mouse inside and it isn't dead and he lets it loose.  So far he has done this 2 times, and the mouse has gotten in a place where he can't reach it.  This morning our cat was standing guard in a closet.  I moved things around and the mouse ran out, the cat still was in the closet looking for it.  Last I saw the mouse, it ran into my laundry room.  By this time the cat was taking a nap on the couch.  Perhaps I need another cat. 
We sign up for Bountiful Baskets each week.  Each Saturday we go pick it up.  This week we got coconuts.  The girls were super excited to drink the liquid inside it and eat the coconut meat.  We drained the coconut.
 I smashed it with a hammer!  It broke right open.  On the internet it suggested smacking the coconut with the back of a durable meat clever knife.  I opted for the hammer. 
I took all the meat out of it. 
 And we were left with the shells.  The girls have several different things they want to do with it.
 Funny thing, the girls were so excited for all this coconut adventure, but no one liked the water from inside, or the coconut, and they even convinced me to make coconut milk, which no one liked.  We did make a smoothie out of the coconut milk, but only a few liked it.  I guess now I have a ton of coconut.  Perhaps now I really will make granola to help use up my coconut.  I love coconut, and have been eating the raw coconut.  I am the only one.  Oh, well the cat was eating some too. 

This is just a random picture of Samantha.  She still loves her blanket, and her thumb.  Unfortanetly, Amber is still sucking her thumb too.  I was so good at having my kids be done with bottles at 12 months, their pacifiers shortly after that.  In fact little Amber did have a pacifier and I took it away from her before Samantha was even born.  Then when Samantha was sucking her thumb, Amber picked it up too. 
Samantha loves her blanket.  I asked her what her favorite animal was, she said "blanket" which cracked me up.  My baby is growing up!  That makes me sad!  Wish I could slow the days down and keep her little.  All my kids are growing up too fast!


yunims said...

Hi ...Mrs. Karla! I just blogwalking. You have many beautiful angels. They're cute and funny. Thank you for sharing your experiences.My regards!!

jenn said... are BRAVE! I would be screaming like a little girl if there was a dead mouse, let alone a 1/2 alive one, in my house! You had your wits about you enough to grab a camera. I'm so impressed! :)

Jamie said...

Maybe the cat will eat the guinea pigs if you just let THEM out of their cages.... AAHHHH. I think I would be intrigued like you to watch the cat play with the mouse but would not be happy about having the live ones inside. and I am thinking your cat is a little sadistic just messing with those poor mice like that.

oh... just had an idea. list the guinea pigs on KSL. maybe you can recoup a little of your spent $$. What was the science project?

Marie said...

I try to get my cats to kill the spiders in the house, but they usually just want to play with it until it gets away. Cats like to play with their food.