Saturday, February 19, 2011

Clever Amber

 Amber seems to have a rapid growing brain.  She reminds me of Emily at this age, witty for her young age and understood joking around.  Amber will get Samantha to come over to me or go into the bathroom, whatever it is that I am requesting of Samantha, when Samantha isn't cooperating.  Amber will say "hey Samantha, follow me" or "Samantha can you catch me?" or something like that to get her to be tricked into coming to me.  Then of course, Amber walks right over to where I want her.  She helps me out quite abit in the day doing this, also asking Samantha to race her to get her pajamas on or her seat buckled, things that she isn't doing for me.  Amber is pretty clever!  I am afraid this cleverness will be not for my benefit as she gets older. 

One day I was in the basement going through totes and totes of girl clothes.  It seemed there were not clothes for Amber, so I went to look for the clothes I knew we MUST have in the basement, after having 3 girls ahead of her, and twins...  there had to be something more.  When I was getting all the clothes gathered I stumbled upon a pair of footed pajamas that were like size 14 or 16 in girls.  I thought they were the funniest thing.  I showed them to Amber and told her they were Emily's size.

That night I secretly got those pajamas with Amber and added them with her pajamas.  As I was putting on Amber's footed pajamas, Amber said to Emily, "I just love footed pajamas, don't you?"  Emily of course just responded, "yeah."  Then Amber said, "they are so warm, don't you wish you had a pair?"  Then Emily got sucked right into it, "Yeah I wish I had a pair, I just love footed pajamas!"  Then Amber asked her, "if you had a pair would you wear them?"  Emily was exagerating, "Yeah I would wear them every night and all day if I could!"  Amber quickly got up, grapped those big pajamas and threw them at Emily and said, "You do, here you go!" 

I was laughing so hard...  Emily got pulled right into it.  Amber did it all, she didn't need any help, she just suckered Emily into saying exactly what she wanted. 

So Emily humored Amber, and the rest of us, and put those pajamas on.  Too funny!

The next morning Emily was wearing different pajamas.  She said she got way too hot and had to change in the night. 
Emily is so good with Amber.  They both have such a bond and unique love for one another.  I love to watch them interact.  I hope they will always be close!

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wendy said...

That is hilarious! She is a funny (and very clever) girl!

We miss you!