Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day

As Valentine's day approached, I couldn't help but to think of our Valentine's time 2 years ago.  You can read the post here about when Samantha had RSV and she was in the hospital.  It was just a day or two after Valentine's day.  At times it seems like so long ago, and yet also like just a short time ago.  How does time do that, seem both so distant and yet just yesterday too?  I read my post from two years ago and remembered all those feelings of how sad it was to listen to Samantha struggle to even breath, and Amber who was 2 was sick with it I am sure too, but she was old enough that you could hear her raspy breathing but she was strong enough to be okay.  I hated going to the hospital and holding down my sweet little 8 month old baby while they stuck tubes in her nose and mouth to suck out the fluids while she cried her little tiny helpless hoarse cry.  I hope I don't even have to deal with something like that again.  The twins even remember going to the hospital to visit her.  They remember the little kids hospital gown she had on.  It was blue with little bears on it.  It was way too big, but we just modified it a bit.  I had forgotten those details until they had said it.  I had some pics but they were on a phone that I had to replace and I lost the pictures.

On to better things...  this year I didn't do as much with the heart theme as I have before.  I tried to make heart cookies, but I think because they were store bought dough, they didn't turn out.  I have done it before with my recipe and it works so good.  So I ended up cutting the cookies a bit to make them look more like hearts. 

I had Samantha and Amber paint "love" pictures.  They were cute.  Then I just drew on some other  paper for placemats and added some candy suckers to the table.  Suckers seem to be a staple at our house sometimes.  You can see the pictures they painted under the little bottles.

The strawberries were heart shaped, the ice in the pink soda was heart shaped, and the pizza was heart shaped before I cut it.  We also ate heart candy too.  Oh, yeah the best part was Amber helping me make heart shaped breadsticks.  She helped me twist the pillsbury breadsticks from a can into little hearts on sticks and big hearts too.  I put some of the ones in a vase that were tall, but some of them just broke.  Oh well.  To my suprise the breadsticks were tasty.  They were the garlic kind.  I will probably buy them again.  I hadn't had them before, or don't remember it anyway. 

Samantha is "too big for her high chair now" or so she thinks she is.  She uses a chair now.  She seems to be enjoying her dinner.

Amber insisted on having her mouth wide open.  She is too funny!  Since she has been sick she has been working on eating all her food.  She actrually ate ALL her pizza but a little bit of crust, and 3 bread sticks.  You can see a little of the breadstick in her hand that was kind of shaped like a heart wand.

Emily is good with anything that has to do with pizza!  I lost count of how many slices she had.

Lauren was enjoying the meal, but seemed to have already filled her belly with candy at a friends house so she didn't eat much. Emily snuck into Lauren's picture.  (You can really see those genetic canine teeth of hers.)

This is the funniest pose of Samantha's!  When you tell her to say cheese, she squishes up her face and closes her eyes and says, "cheese!"  It really cracks me up!!

I went cheap, really cheap and just wrote Robert a little letter with some song lyrics from Matthew West, "Wouldn't Change a Thing" and what does he do... what he does everytime.  He gets me something way too expensive, something I wouldn't have ever dreamed of because it is out of what I would consider our price range....  he got me an iPhone.  We were getting ready to shut my phone off to save some money, but instead, he upgraded it to a new phone and got himself one too.  The phone seems pretty cool, but it will take me forever to figure it all out.  I had my iPod figured out, but now a phone was just added to it.  Yikes!  It will take me awhile.  Now I will get nothing done around the house for a week while I try it out and learn how to use it.  It will be Robert's own fault when he comes home and there is no clean clothes or clean dishes.  (okay not really)

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