Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Fun

I can't really remember exactly when we went... but we went to Cornbelly's. Oh, it was the weekend of fall break, once everyone was finally healthy and not flu like. The girls had a great time as did Robert and I. I was so tired of being stuck in the house with sick kids, and not going anywhere. I realized I hadn't been in my car for a whole week. I was especially glad to get out and go somewhere.

This was in the maze. We did both mazes, the second one we did was a bit harder and after somehow ending back up somewhere we had already been, we tried it again, and made it out. It was difficult since we had to carry Samantha most the time since she wasn't walking when and where she was suppose to, and Amber was really tired so she wanted to be carried and almost fell asleep.

This was after we finished the first maze.

I took the little girls on the Grain Train. Samantha was a bit upset that I was leaving here, even though it was just for a picture.
We all went on the hay ride, which was really fun. It had a few spooky things like a big tall snake that shot up ....

but it was okay for the kids. I am sure it got scarier at night when they were doing their more spooky and haunted things.

We had a fun time. It was great to get out with the family for a little fun. Although Lauren was still having a cough anytime she was physically strained. She went on the slides and then couldn't stop coughing, she went on their bouncy pillows and coughed forever after that. I told her she needed to stop doing things like that for a few more days.
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** Adrian ** said...

That looks SOO fun!! I love your pictures!!

Have a Happy Halloween!!!

wendy said...

Adrian wrote just what I was going to write! Your family is so cute! Looks like you had a great time!