Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Dog

The dog is always in trouble, most days I am ready to get rid of him.  It may be because he chewed up someone's shoes or toys or he ran away and didn't come back when I called him.  And then when I go to chase him down he just runs further or barks and won't let me get him.  Then once I do get him, I will grab his collar, he will try to bite me then flop down on the ground making it nearly impossible for me to pick up this 80+ pound mut to take him home, as he continues to bike and scratch me as I attempt to drag him home. 
The girls love him, and sometimes I like him a little too.  He is quite a funny dog when he isn't running away or chewing up things.  He wants to be with the kids. 
When the kids are playing outside he goes crazy, wants to play with them.  He will be alittle too playful when the little ones ride their bikes as he chases them and knocks them over sometimes.
He seems to be doing pretty good with potty training and for the most part minding his manners in the house as far as food goes.  He still begs which I HATE!  He is funny because he will leave a hot dog on the table all night long, and yet if something is on the kitchen counter, which is higher, he seems to think that is better food or its okay to get.  I spent one night making this egg fritata breakfast for Robert and I to eat for the rest of the week, part of a fitness challenge we were doing, and the dog ate the other 5 servings of it.  This is what I found when I came back down stairs.
He left it on the counter and everything, but just ate what he could until I came down stairs. It was a big 9x13 dish with like 18 eggs in it.  Another day Lindsey had made a batch of no-bake cookies.  The cookies were cooling on foil on the counter, he ate EVERYONE of those cookies and part of the foil.  I was so mad at him.  I told him I hoped he got sick.  I basically cursed myself.  I was at a workout class the next morning and got a text that said the dog made a mess, if I didn't have carpet cleaner I might want to pick some up.  I got home with a bottle of carpet spot cleaner.  To spare you the pictures, lets just say it looked like I had a herd of cows in the house that went to the bathroom everywhere.  I guess Amber woke up and saw it and thought it was mud.  I spent the whole day cleaning the carpet.  I spot cleaned it then I shampooed the whole carpet.  He also threw up on my couch that morning too.  He was very close to getting booted out the door!

Whose idea was it to get this dog?

Ok, so maybe I had something to do with getting the dog.  This is what I saw in my mind when I got the dog, and it trapped me. Recently I saw some little puppies and the girls and I went over and looked at them, I felt myself weaken and I was almost pulled into the little girl and dog trap again.  I asked Rob if we could get one.  Seriously, isn't this the cutest thing ever?  Girls and dogs?  It's a trap I was once pulled into...  My mind turns into mush and I can't think straight.  I think how cute and how fun puppies are.  That just looks like happiness right there!
  The next morning was the morning of the carpet cleaning, I was so happy that I didn't get another one.  I'm afraid that one day I will be pulled into the trap again.  I hope I can be strong and think with my head and not how cute the girls are with this little cuddly puppy that will turn into a monster eating toys and shoes, have vet bills, expensive dog food, have to be boarded when we go out of town, and makes everything so hairy!  I hope I remember all that again when I see those cute little things.  Wish me luck!


Jamie said...

Be strong Karla... Be Strong. Stories like this make me cement in my mind even more my conviction that I am NOT a dog person! much to my families dismay. (Both the family I was born to and the family I made..)

mohsin said...

so nice blog happy family pictures

Mumbles said...

LOL, we had a dog who stole two beautiful rib eyes off the counter and ate them raw in seconds. Had another dog go on walkabout, came home with a steak that was grilled on just ONE side. Came home with a bag of still-warm corn dogs, too.

New to your blog, I'm enjoying!