Thursday, August 9, 2012

Sept 2011 Gardens

The Gardens at Thanksgiving Point is one of the favorite places the girls like to go.  If you haven't gone and you have the oppurtunity to, definitely go.  They have many different sections of the garden that are different things such as the Rose Garden, Secret Garden and others I can't remember.  We went out to the pond or water part of it.  They have a little boardwalk over the water.  The lillies were very pretty and the fish were super fun to watch.  Unfortunately I didn't know they had a dispenser for fish food that took quarters, which I didn't bring any. 
 I think Lindsey took these pictures of the flowers. 
 The girls managed to find a few fish food pepples that got dropped on the board walk. 
 We found a little green frog toot hat was blending in with the surroundings, it was hard to see him. It took forever for the little girls to spot it.
 This was another part of the garden, Lindsey was upset so she stopped smiling in the pictures and at times didn't even get in the pictures.  I can't remember what her complaint was, but she did get better later and was happy again.
 There's that beautiful Emily!
 There's cute Amber too!
 Lauren wanted an action picture.  I am glad I caught it at the right moment.  I could have been in big trouble.
 Amber is delighted to get her picture taken again, Lindsey is still upset with me.
 Lindsey is back to her happy self again. 
 Samantha was getting tired of pictures, so she just sat and waited until we were done.
 This was in the secret garden.  Amber was missing from the picture.
 This was a fun little garden too, a carousel.  It's kind of hard to see how cute it is from the picture, Lindsey thought it was pretty fun too. 
 All the walking around made it tiring for the little ones, but they all had no problems rolling down the hill at the amphitheater. 
 The last thing we did was went to see all the waterfalls.  It was a fun time.
 The girls were ready to go home when it was time, but it was a place they ask to go back to often.  I wish we would have visited it more often when we had the membership.  Maybe another membership is in our future. 

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