Thursday, March 15, 2012

PPF horses (July)

What would Pony Poop Farm be without horses?  That is what Pony Poop Farm is all about, well sort of!  One of the favorite things the girls love to do when they go visit PPF is ride horses.  They have been doing so well with it, that this time they all got a chance to go on a real trail ride.  They were really excited!
Here Lindsey is on Ace

Samantha on Ace

Samantha is loving being a big girl on the horse.  She didn't want to get off.

Emily and I went on a trail ride, Emily is up ahead on Ace.  They have so many wonderful riding areas!

Of course Samantha's baby wanted to ride.  They are on Oddysee.

This is Grandma Karen and her horse that Samantha and her baby are on.

Samantha kept trying to get Ace's nose down so she could love on him and kiss him.

In her little high pitched voice she would say, "come here big guy, come down here."

"that is it, come on down here..."

"there you go, right here, let me give you a little kiss..."

"aw that is a good boy, give me a kiss"

Lindsey and Lauren on Ace and Oddysee.  I liked the holding hands part, so cute!

The girls were trying to get the horses to go faster, to gallop.  It worked sometimes for them.

Samantha and Lindsey

Amber and Lauren

Lindsey again on Ace

This is little Rainy the pony.  Most the girls are getting too big for her.  They still love her though.

And here Samantha is again, "come here big girl, come let me give you kiss"

"put your head down, come here..."

She finally got a kiss, with some help.

Emily and Amber... notice Amber's shoes. 

Lauren and Samantha, note Sam's shoes

This is cousin Megan on Cajun, he is a lot of horse, so the girls don't ride him.

Too funny!  It looks like Oddysee was yawning.
The horses are always alot of fun!  After we leave, I always think we need a horse or two!  

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