Friday, March 2, 2012

July PPF animals

There are so many animals at Pony Poop Farm, aka my parents house.  I am sure we have missed some.  I know for sure that we missed Koko the bird.  But here is a few of the animals that we are able to visit.  I think we also missed the wonderful goose Zig.  I guess the girls didn't want to get too close to take his picture incase he decided to go after them.  Lots of these pictures are from the girls going around with my camera. 

We have first up, Rainy the pony.  My sister Lorri bought a pony, Angel, who was bred.  She had Rainy in April of 2000.  They decided to get rid of the mom, Angel since she was a snot and keep the sweet little baby Rainy.  The kids love to ride her. 
 This isn't the original Mrs. Peacock, but this peahen has stayed at the farm longer than the other replacements.  At one point there was 2 females, but not sure where the other female went.  It is always fun to have little baby peachicks on the farm too. 
 Good, we didn't miss Zig the goose.  Here is Zig with his little family of ducks.  I am not sure if he thinks he's a duck or if he thinks they are geese, maybe he doesn't care.  They all stay pretty close together. 
 This is Grandma Karen's horse, Odyssee.  I'm sure I am not spelling these names correctly.  But you get the idea right?  My mom loves palominos.  This is one of many that she has had. 
 This is Cajun, use to be Aunt Lorri's horse, now it is Aunt Brenda's horse.  The girls like him, but he is a little too spirited to put the girls on as of now.  He sure is pretty though!
 These technically aren't PPF animals, they are Aunt Cleo's goats.  But they seem to belong on the farm.  They share a fence and if you go to the fence chances are the goats will come over and say hi. 
 Of course this is Sofie the dog, this isn't the last you will see of her.  She is Grandma's puppy, okay so she is really a dog now, but she seems puppyish since she is so small.  The girls all love her, but not as much as Grandma loves her.
 The chickens and roosters I don't think really have names.  They have gone threw a ton of chickens and ducks too as they seem to provide the food for the wild beasts of the forest. 

 This is Mr. Peacock, but of course he isn't the original either I don't think.  The first one just showed up one day.  It was the perfect addition to the farm.  He tail isn't too fancy now, but in the spring it is amazing!  They grow those tail feathers out so long.  I have a stash of peacock feathers that keeps getting smaller due to kids and the dog that live at my house. 
 Here is a few of the chickens.  When the chickens are babies, and my girls have been around, they seem to name each one, but there are always so many chickens, I can't keep up with their names or which ones survive the beasts of the wilderness.

 When we got up to PPF, we got there a few days before my parents.  The girls found a rabbit hopping around, so they caught it.  They thought it was a wild rabbit.  My mom was pretty suprised they caught it.  Turns out it was a pet, but it was turned out or got loose.  The girls loved the catch and release of the rabbit. 
 With all the grain and food for the animals, of course that brings in other animals.  There is a family (at least one) of little chipmunks that wait until the corn is thrown out and then they come out and gather it up.  The girls discovered these little guys and we just watched them for awhile as they crawled up and down and poked their heads in and out of view.  So cute. 
 What a surpise to see these big birds perching on the tv antenea.  First there was one up there, the antenea was swaying, then the second one flew up there.  I didn't wait around to see if the third one made it up there.  I wondered if anyone was watching TV and if those peacocks made a difference at all.  My dad did have to go adjust it the next day. 
 Here is another picture of the beloved Sofie.  She is such a sweet dog.  The girls love her, and talk about her and even the little ones pretend they are her.
So that is most of the animals on the farm.  This is just part of the fun at PPF.  Still to come... the people and other fun things around there.

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