Monday, March 16, 2009

Samantha at 9 months old

Okay, so she is nearing 10 months, but I have been lacking time for anything lately it seems! I have the papers from her doctor's visit still sitting on the computer desk to do this post. I figured I better finally make the post so I can file those papers away... in the basement with the rest of the unorderly "special papers" I am keeping.

Samantha was officially 9 months on the 22nd of Feb. At that visit she was 18 lbs 13.5 oz and she was measuring 27 in. for her length. At one point she was nearing 20 lbs, in Jan. but with her being sick with RSV she seemed to stop eating as much and lost a bit of weight. She is in the 50 %tile for her weight and 30 %tile for her length.

She is such a fun baby. I regret that she is growing up too fast and I fear that she is growing up before my very eyes. She is normally a very happy and cheerful baby. The older girls love her. Amber is even loving her most the time.

Samantha sits up, rolls over, begs for food, crawls, and loves to go under things and through things. She will crawl under a chair and sit there, or under her saucer and then just hang out there. She is exploring the idea of standing up, she will grab a toy bucket or a small object and then stand up next to it while she holds on. She will also come to me, grab ahold of me and then stand up and hang out there for a while. Once she is standing up, it is a hard job to make her sit down. She prefers to stand most the time.

She is quite a scrounger for food too, she will see a crumb of food (or anything, crayon, mud, fuzz) on the floor, and she is after it. She is getting to be pretty fast too. A few times I look around and think, "Where is Samantha? She was just here." The girls love to bring in little rocks from outside, Samantha has been found many times with those rocks in her mouth. Also in that mouth houses her 8 teeth and she is working on her bottom two molars...which makes her chew on everything, the couch, blankets, my shoulder or leg...whatever she can get ahold of!

Samantha has a laugh that makes you laugh too. She is extremely ticklish (takes after her dad I guess). You can just touch her on her sides or her neck or under her arms and she just giggles and giggles. I love it!

I am sure I am missing some other wonderful things she does... she has been found a few times crawling up the stairs, only to the second step, but it really freaks me out. I guess it is time to get the gate all set up.

Well that is about it I guess for sweet little Samantha. She is such a joy! I am glad we tried for that boy again, and got Samantha! Life just wouldn't be the same with out her!!

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Jamie said...

Samantha's are good to have around. It was fun to hear about all she's learning to do.