Monday, March 16, 2009


Amber lately has just had me in stitches. Which is good. I seem to always need a good laugh. She says the funniest things, things that you normally would be upset about or she does something that you should be angry about but with her it is so hard to be angry.

When we drive in the car the kids love to listen to the XM Radio tuned to XM Kids. They have stories and silly songs, things the kids just love. On Saturday as we were out and about, the song that was on was a silly song, I have no idea who sings it, where it came from, or where to find it, or I would link it on here so you could here it. It goes: be-da-de-da-do-dah-be-de-da-do Be-de-dah-do-dah-de-do Be-de-dah-de-do-dah be-de-dah-de-do... and those are the only words to the song. They go through those sounds over and over in various orders. Amber is singing the song... mostly with do-do-do-do's. Robert said, "I didn't know Amber knew this song." I said, "it doesn't seem to be hard song to learn." Amber is still do-do-do-ing. Then she pauses, turns to Samantha and says, "Samantha sing with me!" Then she continued louder with her do-do-do's. It was cracking us up!

I think I told you about the farm she wanted to visit at Lowe's which was really just a storage shed. She also while we were in Walmart, I was looking or some material for Emily's curtains for her birthday. I noticed they didn't have what Emily had picked out already, and so I said,"Oh, it is gone!" (as I was kind of whining in a sad disappointed voice). Amber said to me, "Mom don't cry it will be okay."

Yesterday at church, we are sitting there, Amber had a piece of gum in her mouth. Normally she is pretty good with gum. She will tell me she is done with it, and just hand it to me or want a paper to "wrap her gum up in." Next thing I know is Amber saying, "Help me mom, I am all tied up!" I look over, and notice she has gum all over her hand which did look like string all wrapped around her hand and fingers. I am not sure what happened or how she got that way. I was holding Samantha so I passed her off to Rob so I could help "untie" Amber. Before I could get a wipe out of my bag she said to me again, "Uh-oh, I am all tied up, I need help mom!" I couldn't help but to laugh. Although if that were one of my other girls, I would be so angry! That would be NO GUM FOR YOU UNTIL YOU ARE 28!!! kind of thing. With Amber though, she can get away with just about anything.

Last night we made cupcakes.... Amber is eating one at the table. She is mostly just interested in the frosting, once that is gone, she is done. She is sitting there, with a frostless cupcake since she ate all the frosting off already. She is sitting there squeezing her cupcake out of the paper liner. She has crumbs everywhere, then she starts dusting off the crumbs (the crumbs now are her WHOLE cupcake crumbed on the table). She is dusting the crumbs onto the floor. I tell her that isn't nice and ask her to stop. She makes a few quick sweeps again of dusting the crumbs on the floor and does what she does best.... She looks at me with a sad looking face and in a real sincere soft voice she says, "I am sorry!" Again, how do you get mad. All I can say is, "It is okay, just don't do it again."

Those are just a few that I can think of from recently. She is always a kitty or a dog. I called her cutie the other day and she looked at me and said, "No I am kitty" Sometimes she will say, "I am not Lindsey, I am not doggy, I am not Samantha, I am Amber!" She does crack me up all day long! It is amazing that I ever get anything done!


Jamie said...

love this age!!! They do crack you up with all the cute things they say and I'm glad you are writing them down so you can laugh again over it someday and laugh with her about it.

I'm still willing to take the kids so you and Robert can go out and celebrate.... seriously.

The Johnson's said...

This is such a fun post!!! She is such a fun girl!!! I love all the darling things you shared!!!

I loved reading the 9 month post about Samantha, too! I had to look back at Kaitlyn's 9 month post to be sure, but she was BIGGER than Samantha at 9 months...she weighed 8 lb. 15 oz. & was 30 inches long--CRAZY!! Has that EVER happened between us before?!? I hope Sam's doing/eating better now!! We still need to get together to do your pictures sometime!!

Judy said...

What a character! You're going to have fun watching Amber grow up (heyy, WE'RE going to have fun watching her grow up! :-) ). I enjoyed reading about Samantha too ... will you be writing about your other girls?

I had to laugh over the silly song -- it reminded me of a song from the late 70s or 80s: "mnumenunh do-dooo-do-doodo, mnumenunh do-do-do-do!" (or was it "uh-uh-uh-uh-uh"?) It was a HOOT and we siblings sang it all the time -- and we were TEENAGERS! That song still makes me think of my brother and I laugh. Hah!