Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Washington pictures...

I thought I would put some of the pictures from our trip up. Most of them are the ones the girls too. I think their cameras are normally pretty good, but I have noticed a yellow kind of tint to the photos sometimes. I think the girls are too close to their target when they take the picture sometimes.

This is Treasure, a horse up there Emily really likes.

One of the dogs from my parents house... Possum


Megan showing perhaps her true self?

cousin Chloe with big ears...

cousin Julia with stunning eyes, she really does have pretty eyes, but with these new eyes you can't see them.

Uncle Scott, very fitting outfit...

Destiny and her baby brother Parker.

Lauren took about 8 of these pictures with her hands and Samantha's hands... pretty cute I thought.

Grandpa being a good sport.... nice nose and glasses

Aunt Sarah... woah, look at those eyes!

Grandpa with Amber... Amber isn't looking so good here.

I thought this was too cute without the added play in the picture. I had to put the normal picture on here too.

Here is Grandpa's foot with ears, strange things happen at Pony Poop Farm.

Looks like Destiny is looking through the curtains.

Destiny with wings and horns

And this little cute guy was the whole reason for going up to WA. What a cutie he is... all that hair, and he is about the same size as Samantha and he is like 5 months younger!

Here is Thomas (cousin) and Grandpa again...

Amber loved playing with the dogs....

Lauren, Uncle Kelly, and Destiny

Amber with Baby Parker

And I guess that about wraps it up. We had a lot of fun in Washington. The girls got to see I think all of, well minus 2 of their cousins, but they had a great time. I wish we lived closer so the girls could interact with their cousins more often. The girls didn't want to come back home.


wendy said...

Those are great! Ds had a FIT when I wouldn't let him play with our camera today. I think I'm going to have to get him one like your girls' soon.

Julie said...

Those picture are cool. I like the one of Amber and her Grandpa. How did you get her to look like that?

Julie said...

Oh, I forgot to tell you. I love the picture you have at the top of your blog. It looks like one of those snap shots that you just take while they are having fun. Those are the best. You have a very beautiful family

The Johnson's said...

I love the pictures! The "effects" are so fun!! My girls would LOVE playing around with pictures like that!