Monday, January 26, 2009

Fortune Telling

When we were in Washington at the end of Dec. the beginning of Jan. we all got together as a family to do Christmas. I think there was like 20 kids there, plus some extra friends of some of the grandkids. One of my sisters brought some fun little games or activities to do for the kids.

One of the games was you had to be blind folded and then with wooden spoon and a rubber spatula you had to feel the person in front of you and guess who they were. It was pretty funny to watch.

We were waiting for one more family to arrive, so she said she would do fortunes. She said she would be right back. She came back wereing this crazy outfit and started this whole act of telling fortunes. She took each family one by one and had them sit and she would tell them their fortunes.

This is my girl's fortune. It starts out dark but gets better. It was much longer (even though it is like 5 minutes now) and I tried to cut out some things, but it was hard to decide what to cut out. So here you have it... this is the kind of things that goes on when my family gets together, and now you know why Robert is glad we live far away! :)

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