Sunday, January 18, 2009

Teaching in Primary

Robert and I in our new ward here for our church was asked to teach primary. For those who aren't familiar with primary, it is basicly the kids classes that the kids learn about God and his son Jesus Christ. There is a set time the kids go into their classes to have a "lesson" teaching about basic principles of the Scriptures. Then there is a set time that they go into a bigger group with some of the other classes to sing songs and talk about the gospel a little more. We as teachers, stay with them for both those parts. We teach them from a lesson book in class and then we sit with them in the singing part as well.

We are teaching the kids who are 5 yrs old that will turn 6 this calendar year. We have about 8 in our class. They are a lively bunch of kids and very talkative. I forgot to get some crayons from the church library and realized it once we got to class. I asked Robert if he could go get them, he said, "Gladdly, I may not be back for another 50 minutes" which is how long our class lasts for. He is really struggling I think. He has a hard time remembering their names so it makes it hard to tell them to stop talking when you can't say Sam stop talking, instead he is like, hey stop, hey you what is your name, stop talking, you have to sit down, and you over there.... It just doesn't work. Not to mention I feel like that is what we do all the time in our own home... just try to have order in the things we do at home.

Robert was pretty excited about it at first, but I am thinking he is having another oppinion now. For an example, we talked about the commandments and how they help us to choose the right. We had a hand out of some commandments on a piece of paper that said different things on street shaped signs like "Obey your Parents" and "Pray Always" kind of thing. We were talking about street signs so I was asking the kids what kind of street signs they have seen before. The kids gave off the wall signs that I have never seen in all my years of being alive. They came up with some weird ideas which I can't remember now what they were. But they were pretty creative with their signs.

I think Robert will do better as time goes. Once he gets to know the kids and loves them too. That always helps to really enjoy and love the kids you teach. Until then, he will be getting all the forgotten supplies and learning to excercise patients.


wendy said...

Oh, dh and I taught that age group together in our old ward. That is a tough crowd! WHEN Rob learns the kids' names, using things like, "I like how Bobby is sitting so quietly" really helped. Or even just thanking those who are being reverent. ALSO, I am still amazed at how much whispering "If you can hear me, touch your ear" works with the kids. Just move around on the body until everybody is doing it, then have them fold their arms.

Oh you probably already know all that. But I thought I'd write it anyway. Good luck!!

When I was teaching alone (that smae age), one of the kids' parents was called to teach another class. She asked for advice. I told her to lower her expectations. Things went much better when I didn't expect to finish a lesson anymore.

Back to when dh and I taught... We made a little chart with pictures of different parts of the lesson (roll, song, prayer, art, story, etc.), and kids' faces that we moved to the various parts so they knew when they would get a turn to help AND they knew what was coming next. It really seemed to be a good thing.

Hope you don't mind unsolicited ideas! Love ya!

Cindy said...

Terry and i also teach this year again. We teach the same age this year, valiant 12. just a different group of kids. a little more active than the other three,they were so mellow.