Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I'm trying...

Recently I have been trying to eat better, prepare better meals as in healthier meals. I have been participating in bountiful baskets which gives us lots of fresh fruits and vegetables each Saturday.

Normally my meals would be something pretty much from a box or close to it, except for maybe tacos.
In my attempt to make healthier meals and also try new things that we get int the BB I have been trying out new recipes.

Can I just say I am sick and tired of hearing, "what are we having for dinner?" and after my response (no matter what I say, or so it seems) their response is... "I don't like that. Can I make my own dinner?"

I might just scream the next time I hear that question!  Not to mention that it takes me longer to prepare a GOOD dinner but it also makes a bigger mess in the kitchen. 

For example the mac and cheese with broccoli we had the other day. I used a pan to cook the broccoli in, a pan for the whole wheat noodles, a pan to cook the sauce in and then the baking dish that it went into the oven in. Not to mention the cheese grater and assorted measuring instruments.

So after all that, no one ate it but me and I think Rob did too once he got home from his meeting. Now I have a huge dish left over of home-made mac and cheese with broccoli and that was after I fed it to my family last night again. Of course no one really ate it again.

We have tried things out like fresh coconuts and pineapples. Acorn squash, asparagus, Jerusalem artichokes, mangos, forelle pears, sweet potatoes, and turnips to name a few of the things we have gotten and tried that I normally don't buy at the store or even consume.

Part of me feels good about eating more fruits and vegetables, and trying out new things.  But it is canceled out with the lack of apprecation from my girls and the huge piles of dirty dishes from making the meals. Oh, and did I mention how I hate the complaining of the kids in those things we are eating for dinner?  It seems the more homemade it is the worse the complaints are. 

Perhaps we will have top ramen tonight for dinner tonight so I can eat in peace.  Perhaps in my efforts of trying, I am failing.  Ugh!


Becki said...

I'll come over for a home cooked healthy meal!!! I'm struggling with that lately :( I have told myself over and over that i was going to cook more at home...and I just can't find the energy. UGH...I don't think about it til 3-4 or later...then it's too late to pull meat out of the freezer...and the kids just want something fast...so!?!?!? I do'nt know what to do...I'm sorry your girls don't appreciate your meals...and I'm sorry you have more dishes. I hate that part too...but I really do admire you for trying all those new things. I have looked into bountiful baskets and wondered if it would be good for us!?!?! I just don't knwo that I'd know what to do with all those "weird" things!!! You're an amazing woman Karla...and I admire you for trying...and for making changes to feel better. Wish I knew what to say about the girls!?!?! Cold cereal it is...again!!! Love you and miss you!!!

** Adrian ** said...

I can completely relate to this post!! Every night I hear, "I don't like that, I'll just have a sandwich" when the kids find out what I've made. No matter WHAT I am making. GRR! It's tough, isn't it??? I just hope that when they are Mom's (& a Dad) that they realize how hard it is to please everyone and to make good, healthy meals. I'm not very good at it, but I try. It's hard to not be appreciated. I feel for you-- 'cause I'm right there myself. GOOD LUCK!!!

Amy Sorensen said...

I have this exact same struggle. I don't have one single meal I can make without someone complaining. It is SO demoralizing! Which sounds dramatic but after you've worked so hard, the complaints just drag you down. I tend to go in spurts...I try to cook for awhile, and then I get discouraged and resort to lots of scrambled eggs and pancakes for dinner. Then, once I've built up my resistence, I try again.

All of that is just to say: I feel your pain, sister! I have no solution for this problem. Only empathy!

wendy said...

I guess I can be grateful for my one picky eater! Hang in there, Karla. I totally get what you say about it being so much messier to make a healthy meal. It is so hard!! I've resigned myself to having a few healhy fruits and vegetables he'll eat raw, and almonds, cheese and toast to fill in the gaps. He has to eat one bite of whatever else we have, but I ruined him by power struggling over food when he was too young.

I bet the mac & cheese was fantastic!

Anonymous said...

OH Little Karla girl, you are GREAT..Keep up the Good Work...I'll come do the Dishes for you ..Just stack them up till early April when I get there...LUV YA See ya soon Dad

Marie said...

If I hear a complaint from the kids about something I've made for dinner then they don't eat! No alternate dinner, no snacks, no dessert. It only takes going to bed hungry once for them to learn no to complain. Maybe I'm a mean mom.

Jamie said...

Keep trying. Don't give up. Here's a good one for different vegetables that is kind of disguised and my kids eat it.

Take whatever vegetables you have and sautee them all together. I have used onions, celery, broccoli, carrots, zucchini, summer squash, etc. sprinkle it with garlic salt and then pour on 1-2 cans cream of mushroom soup and let it simmer for a while and serve over rice. It's kind of my clean out the fridge dinner. i haven't made it in a while. I used to make it all the time when I had a bountiful basket type thing going and I would get random vegetables. good luck. DONT GIVE UP!!!! I like Marie's idea but it is hard to do. i have waffled sometimes but they will lean fast.

XOXO Dr. Kay Elizabeth said...

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Roberts Family said...

If our kiddos don't want to eat what I've made for dinner then their next meal is breakfast in the morning. Sounds mean but you will run yourself ragged trying to please everyone and it isn't fair to you. Maybe have the ones who complain clean up the kitchen after. lol They might not complain again. ;-)