Thursday, January 27, 2011

Right, Mom?

"You have to be 4 before you can stand on one leg, right Mom?""You can't go to space unless your big, right Mom?"
"Mom, right?" 

Amber is at the stage (oh, I hope it is a stage) where she has to be confirmed on everything.  She will say something or do something and then say, "right, Mom?"  If I don't say "right" then she keeps asking.  Sometimes she will say something that isn't quite true or that is more complicated like if we eat more than one vitamin a day we will die, right?  I try to explain to her, they have iron in them so if little kids eat too many they can get very sick and perhaps even die, but I don't know how many is too many.  Then she will say it again, "But if we eat more than one in a day than we will die, right mom?"  And if I keep trying to explain it to her that it isn't entirely true, she just keeps getting louder, "RIGHT MOM?  Isn't that RIGHT?"  I finally say, yes that is right."  Even if I say, "yes" it isn't good enough, I have to utter that "right" for it to be right.  I can say, "yes that is right" or "you are right" or just a plain "right" will work.  She must have a "right" though or she will not drop it until I do.  It is exhausting!  Right, isn't that right? 

On the other hand she is so funny!  She trully cracks me up.  A week or so ago, she was standing on one leg with her other leg kind of stretched out with a pencil sitting on her foot as she was balancing on her one leg and also balancing the pencil on her foot she tells me, "I am so tricky, I should be in the circus, right Mom?"  Of course she was right, I couldn't agree more, she is very tricky and she does need to be in the circus.  She then showed me some other circus tricks she could do. 

She has her own vocab too.  Like "twinkleheaded" do you know what that means?  "That means when your head is spinning and your dizzy."  I am not sure if she got this vocab off of a TV show she watched or what, but it cracked me up.  She told me once, "I was dancing so fast I started to get a twinklehead."  I then had to figure out what it meant.  She told me.  Now when I ask her what it means, she will just spin around and say, "it's when you are d-i-z-z-y!"

She also uses words like yesteryear or lesterday or last-earlier that are always cute to hear.  I remember when my other girls would use words like this, that you knew what they were talking about but they didn't quite have it right.  She is growing up too fast!  She is alway such a big helper for me too.  Recently she is big time into dressing up.  She will want to sleep in her dress up, and she changes her clothes so many times during the day to get something else on.

Then there is Samantha!  She is a silly girl too.  She is a little into dress up but more into pretend.  She will be a kitty or a mouse.  One day she was crawling around on her belly on the carpet and kitchen floor.  I asked what she was doing and she said she was "Mantha-snake" (She doesn't say Samantha, it's Mantha.)  She often comes up to me meowing.  She loves it when I pretend she is a kitty too.  I ask her if the kitty needs to go outside to go potty, she will shake her head no and meow.  I will ask if the kitty needs a treat and she will meow and then say "kitty wants meat."  She is fun to be around.  

Samantha is getting very independent.  She will dress herself, which sometimes looks interesting the things she has picked out.  I usually let her go with it.  I haven't interferred too much with my kids' choice of wardrobe, if you have seen Lindsey, you would know that.  Yesterday, or as Amber would say, lasterday, Samantha was putting on some panties and having trouble with them.  She said they were too tight.  I looked, she was putting them on sideways stepping into the leg band for the waist.  No wonder they seemed so tight.  I showed her how they went and I put them of her.  She said, "I do it" and she took them back off, completely, put them in her hands, held them up and then proceded to put them on all by herself.  Between her changing her clothes and Amber, their room is a constant mess.  They both change all day long!

I am loving the no diapers though!  I was going through coupons and say some for diapers, I smiled and tossed it to the side since I don't need those anymore.  We do pull-ups at night, to catch the potty in case any comes out as I tell Samantha.  She is good with it.  Two night ago, she woke up in the early morning, and was calling, "mom, mom, mom"  I went to her bed and noticed she was soaked....  her pull-up didn't quite catch it all.  She must have had extra drinks that night before.  I took her downstairs to get her another pull-up change her pajamas, and then I noticed my shirt was soaked from carrying her too.  That doesn't happen to much.  She was one that would wake up wet in a regular diaper at night sometimes too and I would have to change her and her bed too.  I would say most mornings she is still dry, which is nice because she is just that closer to being completely potty trained.  Although she does seem to have lots of accidents still, it is frustrating, because she was doing so good.  I am not sure if it good or bad, but she will take off her wet clothes, and get new ones on.  When I notice she is in something else, I ask her why she changed.  Sometimes its from being wet and others just because she saw something better she wanted to wear.  Amber found some Finding Nemo panties yesterday, she changed right as she saw them.  Samantha will do the same thing.  All that means normally is LOTS of laundry for me.  Right?  Isn't that right? 


Karen Brothersen said...

SO FUNNY! I can totally hear all of that dialog! Is Amber doing dance this year? I sure miss you guys!

Jamie said...

I LOVED catching up with your two youngest. The right thing is very interesting. It will be fun to see how that comes out in her personality as she gets older. Will she always need to be right? Will she need a lot of confirmation about what she's doing, etc. I always look at things my kids do when they're small and try to figure out what it means. Sometimes it means NOTHING but its fun to imagine.

*tip: something I did when my kids were learning to ptu on panties: I drew a little star on the back of the panties so they knew that was the back and taught them where the star would be when they went to put on their panties! It worked like a charm for those leg hole tight panties...

Becki said...

You are amazing Karla...Aysha isn't even potty trained yet...and Samantha is younger then her!! You're just awesome!!! I miss you...I can hear you dealing with those questions and being "right"...Amber is so cute!!!

Anonymous said...

Right Mom, Right huh, Mom Thats Right Mom Huh Mom it's Right...Love it and all of you Utah Girls