Sunday, January 2, 2011

Catch up time...

I was hoping to have this all done before the new year, but I guess I didn't get it done.  Back in November, Lauren participated in RAD kids.  She really liked it.  Her whole class did it, and I believe Lindsey's class will be doing it sometime in the future too.  I was able to go watch what they learned when they "graduated" from the class. 
Here is Lauren in all her stuff after she had ran through the course.

When everyone ran through the demo course, they handed out certificates of completion. 

Then also in the beginning of November, Lindsey and Lauren both participated in "Reflections" which is put on by the PTA.  Lauren did a poem and Lindsey did a picture.  Lauren got to read her poem in front of everyone and it went on to Council level.  She also got a trophey and a ribbon.  It didn't go on from Council level but she got a ribbon from Council level.  Lindsey got a ribbon for participation.  Both the girls did a great job!!

Emily made a picture for the "Reflections" but didn't ever turn it in.  I felt really sad for her that she didn't do it.  Hopefully next year she will complete it and turn it in too.  This years theme was "Together we can..." and I can't remember what next year's theme is. 

Also in November was Thanksgiving of course...  I like to put a big piece of paper up for the kids to write on saying what they are thankful for.  This year the paper was filled pretty fast.  Amber drew a picture and then asked me what it was.  I told her I didn't know because it was her picture.  Then she put a dot on it and said, "It's a fish!  I am thankful for fish."  I thought that sounded good. 

 Since we didn't have any trees at our new place we were happy to help with some of the falling leaves at the old house.  Samantha and Amber were more than happy to help with it... or jumping in it anyway.  They were even good sports and got in the green waste can to stomp down the leaves so I could add more. 
 Samantha was a little shy about it and unsure of the idea at first but that soon wasn't the case.
 Amber was LOVING it all!  She could have stayed there forever.
 Finally I had to talk the girls into letting me put them in the green waste can. 

We got some of our first real snow that added up to much.  The girls made a chair from a big snow ball or a few snowballs. 
 They even got Samantha to try it out too.  She liked it!
 Before the snow came we had to take the trampoline down.  Samantha has become a real fan of the trampoline.  She loves to jump on it.  Even though here she is taking a break, she is quite the little bouncer!
So I think that pretty much catches us up until December.  Great so I am closer but still so far away!  Oh did I also mention we had our Primary Program in November?  It was a pretty crazy month for me!  Our prorgram went great, lots of prayers answered there.  I did put one little girl in the wrong class so she didn't get to sing with her class, I felt so bad about that.  I had to apologize to the mom and tell her what happened.  I think for being a new Primary President for this ward and doing the very first Primary program in my LIFE, it went smoothly.  The time I was really worried about, but it was PERFECT in time!  I was so glad when it was over!  What a lot of stress relieved for me and my presidency (and I am sure my music leader)!  They were all HUGE helpers in it. 

Sometime soon I hope to have a report on December's events.  Hopefully before Easter is here. 

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