Monday, December 6, 2010

To the USPS

I have been unsatisfied with your service for the last 2 years since we have been in this area.  You have continued to let me down in your delivery services.  Not only do you leave my mail box open to allow my mail to get wet often, you have countless times NOT taken my outgoing mail.  I thought if I put my flag up that meant you would take my mail to the post office so it could go on its way.  Maybe that isn't the same rule here.  I thought that was just standard when the flag is up and there is stamped and addressed letters inside that the mail person takes it to the post office.  Was I misinformed?

Then last week when I had a box delivered with some Christmas presents in it you left it on the road in front of my mailbox.  Luckily I had a great neighbor that saw it and brought it and gathered my other mail that was scattered with it.  He brought the wet box and letters to me.  To my suprise it was the box I was expecting with the contents for Christmas that retailed over $200, and to find out it was just sitting there on the side of the road. 

I am very dissapointed in your services!  If we did have a post office for my city, I would highly consider getting a post office box.  I think you can do better!  I wish you would do better!

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Lilly Corbett said...

Karla, call 1-800-ask-usps. and file a complaint. If enough people call, then it will go the the post master, and they will fix it. I worked for the call center and we documented a lot of stuff throughout the country.