Sunday, December 5, 2010

Amber's story

Amber has been having a hard time lately.  She wants me to tell everyone her story.  We went to meet a cousin at the mall and Amber kept telling me, "Will you tell him about me?" 

To hear her tell the story it is best, but you will have to hear it from me, the best I can like she tells it. 

The othe day Amber and Samantha were playing tag.  Samantha was running this way, and Amber was running that way and they rounded the courner.... CRASH!  Amber's front tooth smacked into Samantha's forehead leaving Samantha will alittle indent in her head.  Then Amber would also say that Samantha's forehead hit Amber's tooth making it really wiggly.  I didn't tell Amber until alter, but her tooth was bleeding all around the edges of it.  They both fell to the ground crying and I was trying to hold them both and comfort them.  Poor girls!

Then on Thanksgiving, we were at Grandma and Grandpa's house and Amber fell down the basement stairs and got a rug burn on her cheek as she slid down the stairs on her face I guess.  It is looking much better now, but it was bright red and swollen for the first 2 days.  Then it scabbed over and now it is practically gone. 

Once again, Amber got hurt... she somehow just fell down on the tile and conked the back of her head on the tile floor.  I heard this big "CRACK" and looked to see Amber on the floor.  Poor thing!  She was having a bad time for a few days but I think her luck is changing around for her. 

She was so excited to tell everyone about her story of her tooth, her rug burn, and then hitting her head. 

Gotta love that girl!  Bumps, bruises, and all, she is fun to have around.  My camera is giving me problems or I would have gotten a picture of her little cheek.

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wendy said...

I thought it was very sweet she wanted you to tell her story. I think I wasn't as good of a listener as I could've been, though. I'll do better next time.