Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A sneaky plan

So it all started back in Aug.  I got a call from my sister in law, Sarah who asked if she could come for a day to visit.  She was driving back with a friend, Natalie who was visiting Utah.  I told Sarah I would for sure pick her up from the airport, it would all work for me.  As we talked we decided it would be fun to do some fun stuff while both of them were here, I would get a baby sitter and we would have a fun day doing whatever.  I marked it on my calendar, she arrived on the 22nd of Sept.  I got it all planned out.  I then got a babysitter all round up too.  Everything was fine. 

The day before Sarah needed to be picked up, my babysitter canceled.  (It was Rob's mom that was going to watch the kids, but her husband was having a skin graft for a cancer spot on his eyebrow.)  Sarah seemed really bummed, but I figured we could work around it.

I got to the airport, Natalie drove with me, and my 2 little ones that didn't have school.  We got to the airport.  Picked up Sarah.  Then once we got back to the car I started hearing our family call... "Peeeeeacock!  Peeeeeeeeeeacock!" (That is a long story maybe I will tell another time.) I thought it was just some crazies at the airport yelling having fun. I was right about that, but it was MY crazies!  Out of the concrete pillars pops out one of my friends, Summer.  Then I see someone else, is it Renee, my neice?  No, it's my sister Tracy, and there's my other sister Brenda!  Where did they all come from? 

Apparently I was the only one who didn't know!  Robert and his mom both knew, my whole family knew.   I guess they didn't tell my mom until the very end afraid she would spill the beans, and accidently tell me. 

I had NO CLUE!  There were a few things that seemed strange, like why when Sarah was trying to figure out how to meet us, why was she calling Natalie instead of me...?  It was an airport I was familar with, I wasn't sure if Natalie even had ever been there.  Then Sarah was on the phone which I thought was my brother, but it was really my sister's who were hanging out back behind us.  I guess another time when we got on the elevator they totally saw me, and I could have saw them but I wasn't even suspecting anything so I didn't even notice anything.  In the elevator as we were getting on, Natalie and Sarah were discussing which floor we were going to...

"We are going to number 2?"
"No, we parked on number 3."
"So push 3?"
"Yeah we need to go to floor 3."

I thought it was odd.  But of course later found out why.  It was such a surprise, such a sneaky plan!  My sisters are sooooo sneaky!

Everyone crashed on my front room... it reminded me of some middle school sleepover party. 
 We went to Timpanogas caves.  It was a great day to go.  It was sunny and warm.  I found a neighbor to watch my little ones and we were off to the caves.
 Here's Tracy in the parking lot. Waiting for our adventure to begin.
 Unfortunately something was on my camera lens so it made some of my pictures that were in the sun turn out all bad.  Bummer!  It would have been a good picture.
 Natalie and Sarah on the trail.
 This was a cool little place we walked through.  Tracy is on the other side.
 This steep trail, I think they said it was 16% grade was really hard on Brenda!  She was taking forever!!
 Tracy sitting next to a fault line, which is that crack in the rock.
 Rattlesnakes?  Really?
 Here we are, almost to the top, in rattlesnake territory.
 Apparently this is a very trecherous climb. We were always on the look out for falling rocks.  There was one place that ha some rocks sliding down right after we walked through. 
 Oh yeah... see!  Here is some falling rocks right here!  Luckily Tracy was able to escape the falling debri.
 This is our group at the top waiting to go into the caves.  Back row, Karla (me), Sarah, Tracy, Summer, and then Brenda and Natalie in the front.  Man I had a great time while they were here!  I would like a replay if I could.
And this is the only picture I got before my camera died. 

We had a fantastic time.  I am not sure Robert would agree.  He comments on how bad it is to share a house with 6 girls, and then to add 5 more...  he was one brave soul to go along with it and be so supportive.

Not pictured, beacuse I can't access the photos is the races on the wiggle cars we had going down the street.  I will have to post those.  I sure love my family!  I hope my girls have as much fun with their sisters later as they grow up as I do with my sisters.  My sisters are my best friends!  My mom is one of my best friends too!  It seems like that is how a family should be.  And I am grateful that my family is that way.  I hope for the family that I am raising will be the same way too. 

Thanks Sisters for a great time!  I really needed a day and  a half of fun filled chaos to give me a break.  It was much needed!  Come again anytime!!

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wendy said...

Ahhh, the missing piece to your story. I don't think we've chatted long enough since then for me to hear it was a surprise visit! How completely awesome. I'm so glad they did that for you!!