Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Cascade Springs

It was the beginning of October if I remember right, we took a drive up into the mountains.  Our destination was Cascade Springs.  We took lots of snack type things that were left over from the previous days breakfast.  Pancakes, grapes, melon, and then some granola bars.  We had dinner kind of in the car or on the trails as we went along.  Lauren decided she was like a chipmunk stuffing her cheeks full of grapes.  We had to put a stop to that very quick, I didn't want anyone choking on grapes.  Of course, after I got a picture.
 I am not sure how Lauren got in so many pictures... but she seemed to be the one lingering as I was taking pictures.  Cascade Springs was kind of crowded so Robert was herding us through quickly not wanting to hang out to get too many shots, or any that took any time to take.
 I thought I got some pretty good shots of the girls all together.  I would have been more happy if they all would have looked at me at the same time and smiled.  I guess I can't have it all right.  We got some good ones anyway.

 They had several little bridges, the girls liked to watch the water move under them.  I was a little nervous for the little girls.  They seemed so small and the water seemed so fast.

Notice Amber's leg, she is holding it up.  She is such a poser when we take pictures!  lol

 Look at that, it is Lauren again!  Although looking at this picture, and her facial expression, I think it could pass as me at 8 yrs old.  Her nose all scrunched up like that, that is identical to mine. 
 I like this last picture, if only Lindsey would have leaned forward a little more.  I was trying to get them all arranged, and then I heard this, "Hurry, there are people waiting!"  Robert is aways so concerned about other people!  I was thinking, let them wait for just 2 minutes and then we will be done.  It is still cute. 

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Amy Sorensen said...

Kendell gets impatient with pictures, too. I'm always thinking...well, yeah, there are other people, but I matter too! ;) I LOVE Cascade Springs and wish we would have made it up there before the snow. Glad you did!