Monday, August 18, 2008

School starts and lost teeth

Lauren had a wiggly tooth from WA, I think she got bonked by the teeter-totter, or was that Lindsey? Her tooth has been quite wiggly and I have noticed her gums above that loose tooth not looking so great. I told her on Saturday we were going to pull that tooth out. It was ridiculously loose. We took a picture of her with her wiggly tooth, it reminds me of Nanny McPhee if you have ever watched the movie. Kind of a gross picture of her lost tooth. She took pride in all that blood.
Today was the first day of school for the big girls. Lindsey and Lauren were VERY excited to be in 1st grade and all day, and have lunch and all those exciting things of an "all dayer" would have.
Amber was even sporting the spirit this morning, as the girls were getting dressed, Amber kept putting on things too. She found Lauren's jammies and her underwear and had both of those at different times on. Then all morning Amber kept asking, "Lauren go?" and "Lindsey go?" and "Emily go?" Poor thing, she will miss them for a little while, but I am sure she will also enjoy more time with me without the big girls.

I maybe should have waited until school got out, to report on their stories and what not. I figured I would take advantage of the quite moment now.

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